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Skofja Loka - Pogled na mesto s cerkve sv. Križa
Upper CarniolaSkofja Loka

Skofja Loka

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Loka Castle - Skofja Loka Museum

The Skofja Loka Museum is located in Loka Castle in Skofja Loka, which was first mentioned in 1215. The Skofja Loka Museum is a general museum with historical, archaeological, ethnological, cultural-historical, art and natural history collections. It was founded in 1939 and covers the area which for 830 years (973-1803) formed the Loka Estate under the authority of the Freising Bishops of Bavaria. The museum is located in the first flour, in the ground floor and in basement spaces. In the ground floor we can see Loka Estate, castles, the town, guilds, compatriots and education, furniture from Visoko, Lo...

Loka Castle

Rising 475m above the city of Krancelj on a prominence stands Loka Castle. It was built on the edge of a natural terrace and below the castle a settlement of merchants and tradesmen grew up. It was first mentioned in a document in 1202 which stated it to be a resistantial castle. The first castle was build by the Freising Bishops and was the seat of the Manager or Head. The bishop when he came to see his dominion also stayed here. When it was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1511, Bishop Filip ordered it to be rebuilt. In the castle’s courtyard was a powerful tower whose foundations are s...

Skofja Loka - Stara Loka

Stara Loka is part of Skofja Loka and belongs to oldest Slovenian settlements. It is primary Loka and in the year 1286 is first named as Stara. Worth seeing in Stara Loka are church of saint Jurij and Strahlov or Staroloski castle, beside there is also a small park. Church of saint Jurij is one of the oldest in Kranjska, it was built round 1118. Church was several times changed and rebuilt, so it has lost primary appearance. In the chapels are tombstones from 16 and 17th century. Present newromanic appearance got it at renovation in the year 1863. Beginnings of Staroloski castle go back to the 15th cent...

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