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Slovenska Bistrica - Old Town Centre - Trg svobode v Slovenski Bistrici
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Slovenska Bistrica - Old Town Centre 

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Lake Crno jezero (Black Lake)

Crno jezero is situated in Pohorje on the forest ridge between Osankarica and Trije kralji. The lake was artificially made and is about 50 hectare large. It is from around 6000 BC, when the inhabitants deepen the swamp region and changed it to the lake. In the middle of the 19th century the lake was increased because of the timber which was put into the valley. The crystal clear lake is home of rare vegetable and animal species. Crno jezero is overgrown with peat moss and pinewood. The black colour gives the lake dark and thick layer of silt. The lake is protected as the forest reserve. The easiest way ...

Slovenska Bistrica Castle

Slovenska Bistrica Castle is located in the immediate nearness of the city centre. It is the powerful building, which can be hardly missed. At the castle is the park, which attracts locals and other visitors in every time of the year. The Slovenska Bistrica Castle was first mentioned in the year 1313. It has variegated history, because it changed the owners several times. At the beginning it was in the ducal lands. In the year 1587 bought it the aristocratic family Vetter, later von der Lilie. The next owners were the family Wildenstein before the end of the 17th century. They are famous by the forming ...

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