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Pekel Gorge - Pekel Waterfalls - Soteska Pekel - Pekelski slapovi
Central SloveniaPekel Gorge - Pekel Waterfalls

Pekel Gorge - Pekel Waterfalls 

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Pekel Gorge - Pekel Waterfalls

The Pekel Gorge is situated near the village Borovnica. From Ljubljana is about 23 kilometres away. It was made with the sank of the Ljubljana swamp. The Pekel Gorge was excavated by the Otavscica brook. In summer months is here pleasant and refreshing coolness. Before the beginning of the road is the information table about the Pekel Gorge. In the gorge you can see five waterfalls, which are in the winter time also suitable for climbing. Access to them is in some regions difficult because of the steep slope and because of that is necessary bigger caution. The first waterfall is the smallest and it is 5...

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