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Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece) - Terme Zreče
Carinthia - Savinja RegionTerme Zrece (Spa Zrece)

Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece) 

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The settlement of Zrece is located in the northeastern part of Slovenia, in the upper part of the Dravinja valley. The place is best known for Terme Zrece, which is the most important driver of tourism. Modern spas are distinguished by excellent natural resources.
Terme Zrece has quite a few accommodations available. Hotel Atrij, Hotel Vital, Hotel Klasik, Hotel Medico and Villas Terme Zrece are available. Hotel Atrij is distinguished by the story of the apple, which is a natural source of energy and health and preserves and restores youth. The story can be seen in the equipment of the hotel, in the orchards and in the excellent hotel kitchen. The hotel has a uniquely equipped sauna village and the Idila relaxation center. On the ground floor of the hotel there are seminar rooms designed for organizing business meetings and events. Hotel Vital has a boarding house restaurant with a buffet, as well as a la carte menu of delicious dishes combined with wines. Visitors can pamper themselves in the Sauna Village, in the modern wellness center or enjoy the outdoor and indoor pools. A special feature of the hotel are the two-storey Relax apartments, which have their own sauna.
Hotel Klasik is intended for guests who come for rehabilitation after surgery. It is part of the Dobrava Hotels. Villas of Terme Zrece are located in a park by the Zrece Lake. Ten apartment houses are surrounded by a landscaped park and forest. The apartments are located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel and swimming pools, which is especially suitable for families with children. Families can walk to the Forest Water Park. During their stay at Terme Zrece, guests can also see many local natural and cultural sights. Among them are the most interesting Brinjeva gora Hill, where you can see about 4000 years old traces of the first settlement, the wine cellar Zlati gric, which is one of the most modern and largest in Europe, the ruins of Konjice Castle, the old town of Slovenske Konjice and Zicka Carthusian Monastery, home of monks from the Grand Carthusian Monastery from France.
Only about half an hour's drive from Zrece, at an altitude of 1517 meters, there is a natural climatic health resort and recreation center Rogla, which together with the spa is a unique addition to the spa and tourist offer in all seasons.


Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece) - Small square in front of Terme Zrece

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Small square in front of Terme Zrece
Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece) - Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece)

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Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece)
Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece) - Terme Zrece

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Terme Zrece
Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece) - Terme Zrece

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Terme Zrece
Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece) - Terme Zrece

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Terme Zrece
Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece) - Sculpture

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Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece) - Fountain and sculpture

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Fountain and sculpture
Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece) - Sculpture - Fontana

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Sculpture - Fontana
Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece) - Sculpture - Entrance hall

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Sculpture - Entrance hall
Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece) - Entrance hall

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Entrance hall
Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece) - Corridor

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Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece) - Water Nature Trail Zrece - Thermal water in Zrece

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Water Nature Trail Zrece - Thermal water in Zrece
Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece) - Hotels Dobrava <br> Hoteli Dobrava

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Hotels Dobrava

Hoteli Dobrava
Terme Zrece (Spa Zrece) - Villas

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