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Trenta with neighbourhood

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Source of the River Soca

Source of the river Soca in situated in the Trenta valley (Zadnja Trenta). It belongs under community of Bovec. Under the first world war was valley the scene of a lot of battles. River Soca is 137 kilometres long river in north Italy and west Slovenia. It is also named Emerald River because of its wonderful crystal green colour. To visit the source of the river is best to begin in market path from Hut by source Soca which is the mountain post in Trenta. It is most easier approachable from the local road over mountain pass Vrsic. The hut was in the year 1953 reorganized from military building and was la...

Mlinarica Gorge

Mlinarica Gorge is situated in a wonderful valley of Soca, which belongs to the Bovec Commune. Mlinarica Gorge lies hidden between mountains Prisojnik and Razor. With its ski slopes supplies stormy brook Mlinarica, which is fettered between rocks of Kukla mountain and is almost unseen when it flows out to Soca river. Brook has excavated one kilometer long and 100 metres deep gorge, which is narrowed in unique water channel before confluence with the river Soca. The narrowest parts are wide only one meter. In the severals parts are wedged in rocks, which forms natural bridges. Brook Mlinarica has conside...

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