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Trojane - Trojane
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Trojane is a small village that belongs to the Municipality Lukovica. It is situated by the main road Ljubljana – Celje. Trojane is famous by its restaurant, where they make and sell well known Trojane doughnut, which are also registered trademark. The restaurant consists of several buildings, which have a different purpose. In the old restaurant from the year 1849 is tradition wonderfully interwined with modernity. Guests can use several different large rooms. The newest restaurant is more suitable for larger groups and also has a semicircular glassy terrace from where is a nice view to surrounding area. Besides doughnuts and daily lunches guests can enjoy a la carte dishes, pizzas, vegetarian dishes, bottled wines and many other. In the nearness are also the market store and shop for doughnuts and other sweets. There is available 130 parking places for cars.


Trojane - Trojane

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Trojane - Parking area

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Parking area
Trojane - Lower parking area on Trojane

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Lower parking area on Trojane
Trojane - Restaurant on Trojane

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Restaurant on Trojane
Trojane - Minimarket

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Trojane - Doughnuts shop

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Doughnuts shop
Trojane - Restaurant Trojane

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Restaurant Trojane

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