Simonov zaliv (Simon
Coastal - Inner CarniolaSimonov zaliv (Simon

Simonov zaliv (Simon's bay) - Villa Maritima

Simonov zaliv (Simon's bay) - Villa Maritima
Simonov zaliv (Simon's bay) - Villa Maritima
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Izola is a small fishing town and municipality in southwestern Slovenia. It is situated on the Adriatic coast of the Istrian peninsula. The name originates from the Italian word Isola, which means island. Izola is now a popular tourist town with many hotels, summer concerts and other.
On a peninsula of approximately 120 x 150 m, south of the marina of Izola, lie the remains of a beautiful Roman seaside villa (villa maritima). Similar villas were built around the beginning of the common era every few kilometres along the whole Istrian coast. Such a villa complex was usually made up of a representative residential part, outbuildings and a harbour with storage facilities. Namely, these residences were not only luxury living buildings, but also important economic focus points, where shells and fish were bred and probably also salt ponds were managed, olive and wine trees cultivated and wine and oil produced, amphorae and brick manufactured, sheep bred and wool processed, while the warehouses were used to store and reload the goods imported through the sea.
In the Roman period trading by sea was considerably cheaper than by land. The goods were transported to the main waterfront harbours with large ships. Once there, they were reloaded onto smaller ships to transport them to the rest of the ports and through river and land routes to the hinterland.



Villa Maritima - Villa Maritime - Opening hours

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Villa Maritime - Opening hours
Villa Maritima - Villa Maritime - Information boards

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Villa Maritime - Information boards
Villa Maritima - Villa Maritime in Simon's Bay

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Villa Maritime in Simon's Bay
Villa Maritima - Villa Maritime near Izola

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Villa Maritime near Izola
Villa Maritima - Central part of the residential area

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Central part of the residential area
Villa Maritima - Remains of the Villa Maritime

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Remains of the Villa Maritime
Villa Maritima - Villa Maritime

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Villa Maritime
Villa Maritima - Renewed foundation

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Renewed foundation
Villa Maritima - Villa Maritime, Simon's Bay in the background

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Villa Maritime, Simon's Bay in the background
Villa Maritima - Villa Maritime with mosaic

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Villa Maritime with mosaic
Villa Maritima - Mosaic

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Villa Maritima - Portico

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Villa Maritima - Portico of Villa Maritime

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Portico of Villa Maritime
Villa Maritima - Well

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Municipality: IZOLA (16015 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Izola (11353 population), Jagodje (2146), Korte (824), Šared (605), Malija (478),

Dobrava (250), Cetore (143), Baredi (143), Nožed (73)