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Vrhnika with neighbourhood

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Bistra - Technical museum of Slovenia

Technical Museum of Slovenia is situated in the former monastery and later cahteau area of Bistra. Bistra is located in the nearness of Ljubljana, between Vrhnika and Borovnica. The museum is housed in 6000 square metre of area. It lies in a wonderful surrounding with park, forest educational trail and pond. In the museum they have permanent collections from the fields of water drive, forestry, wood processing, hunting, fishing, electrical engineering, textile engineering, vehicles and traffic, agriculture and printing. In Sunday they organize demonstrations of old ways and technics, machines and device...

Star maln

Star Maln is located near Vrhnika in Bela Valley. At the beginning of the century stood here the old mill and after that the place got the name Star maln. It is a popular place for pleasure trips, which attracts many locals and other visitors. We can come to Star Maln with a car, leave it in the parking place and then walk few meters. You can also leave a car at the beginning of the path and walk on marked paths, which is also a circular way. Along the way we can see the brook Bela. In Star Maln is located guest house and beside it are natural baths, which get water from the spring of brook Bela – L...


Vrhnika is a town, which is a centre of Municipality of Vrhnika. It is located by the old road from Ljubljana to Postojna. It lies on the slopes of Pokojnik plateau and on the western side of Ljubljansko swamp. The beginning and development of the city is connected with ships and traffic on the Ljubljanica River, which springs here on several places. Vrhnika is also situated on area, where is the shortest passage from Ljubljana basin over the karst and Inner Carniola forest plateau to the sea. The place of today's Vrhnika was already settled before the arrival of Romans. In written sources is first ment...

Bistra - Carthusian Monastery (Charterhouse)

The Carthusian Monastery Bistra is situated in Vrhnika Commune in the southwestern border of the Ljubljana swamp. The beginnings of the monastery go to the year 1220, when the Carinthia duke Bernard Spanheimski invited to Kranjska the first Carthusian monks. Bistra was one of the fourth Carthusian Monasteries in Slovenia. Beside Bistra were also Zicka Carthusian, Pleterje Carthusian and Jurkloster Carthusian. Bistra reached its highest point in the economical and cultural development in the 14th century. The monastery was through centuries many times affected from earthquakes and fires. From the medieva...

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