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Vrsic - Vršič - Vršiška cesta (Ruska cesta)
Upper CarniolaVrsic


Vrsic - Austro-Hungarian Military Telpher Line and Viewpoint
Vrsic - Mountain pass
Vrsic - View point by the road
Vrsic - Pagan Girl
Vrsic - Bunker
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Mountain pass Vrsic (1611 m) is the highest road passing in the Eastern Julian Alps. The pass is connecting Savska and Soska dolina or Gorenjska Region with Trenta. Vrsic is considerable part of the year closed because of the snow. The road was built by Russian prisoners between First World War. At that time Vrsic was strategically important, because it made the Austrian army the easier access to the Soska front and it has to be transportable also in the winter months. To Russian army prisoners, victims of the snowslide, reminds the Russian small chapel above the road between the Miha hut and Hut on the wood. The Russian chapel is here as a reminder and as a memory to the absurdity of the world wars. Vrsic is a starting point for mountain tours to Mojstrovka or Prisojnik and for walks in the nearness surroundings. Between walkings you can be attentive to the rocky face of the Pagan girl, which is the best seen from the belvedere hill and to the large window in the wall of the Prisank. The large window is the most known natural window in the Julian Alps and it is one of the largest natural openings in Slovenia. It is high about 80 metres and wide about 40 metres. The crockery should be opened at the breaking and so it sprang up the landslide, which was with the mouldering increasing to the present hole. In Vrsic you can strengthen with home made food in the next mountain huts: Erjavec hut (1515 m), Ticar hut (1620 m), Hut in the Wood (1226 m) and Postman hut (1725 m).


Vrsic - Russian Chapel

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Vrsic - Russian Cross

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Vrsic - Mountain pass

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Vrsic - Mountain pass <br> Mountain pass Vrsic

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Mountain pass

Mountain pass Vrsic
Vrsic - Mountain pass <br> Vrsic and snowdrifts

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Mountain pass

Vrsic and snowdrifts
Vrsic - Prisank Window

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Vrsic - Pagan Girl

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Vrsic - Summit

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Vrsic - Bunker

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Municipality: KRANJSKA GORA (5212 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Kranjska Gora (1491 population), Mojstrana (1098), Gozd Martuljek (636), Dovje (620), Rateče (618),

Podkoren (390), Belca (161), Log (95), Zgornja Radovna (71), Srednji Vrh (32)