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Zalec - Old Town Centre
Zalec - Monument for the National Liberation War
Zalec - Town Park
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The town of Zalec is the administrative, economic and cultural center of the Lower Savinja Valley. The place became a town in 1964. Since the end of the 19th century, it has been considered the center of Slovenian hop growing. In addition, the most important industries are metallurgy and textiles.
Due to its location, Zalec has always been an important outpost, which is evident in the diversity of historical and cultural sights. In the Ecomuseum of Hop Growing and Brewing in Slovenia, an interesting experience awaits the visitor, which enriches him with knowledge about hops, hop growing and brewing. The town was first mentioned as a market settlement in 1256. They had a provincial court and organized two annual fairs. The Babenbergs and the Habsburgs had their patronage over the place. The settlement was burned twice during the Turkish invasions. During the Reformation, the exiled Protestants from Celje had their own religious rites in the building of Zotl's smithy, later they moved to nearby Govce. In 1868, participants in an important national camp demanded a United Slovenia. The Celje - Dravograd railway was built through Zalec in 1891. There are several buildings in the city center that show the characteristics of late Gothic. The oldest historical monument, according to records, was the former Romanesque or Gothic parish church of Saint Nicholas from the 12th century, which was completely renovated in 1906. In Zalec there is a sports hall and a beautifully landscaped sports park.
The town and its surroundings are given a special stamp by the hop plantations, after which the valley was named the Valley of Green Gold. Near Zalec, in the village of Vrbje, there is a large nature reserve, the Vrbje Pond. In the village of Grize there is the Museum of Steam Rollers and the Mining Museum.


Zalec - Old Town Centre

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Zalec - Old Town Centre

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Zalec - Old Town Centre

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Zalec - Old Town Centre

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Zalec - Presbytery <br> Žalec - Presbytery

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Žalec - Presbytery
Zalec - Parish Church of St. Nicholas <br> Interior

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Zalec - Savin House

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Zalec - Hausenbichler House

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Zalec - Karcic House

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Zalec - Kukec House

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Zalec - Kveder House

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Zalec - Lorber House

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Zalec - Pikl House

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Zalec - Roblek House

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Zalec - Steinbeck House

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Zalec - Zotel Forge

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Zalec - Bar Kaval

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Zalec - Guard Tower

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Zalec - Hop Grower Sculpture

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Zalec - Town Park

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Zalec - Herb Park at Keuder

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Zalec - Mestni trg (Town Square)

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Zalec - Bus Station

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Zalec - Hop

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Zalec - MC cafe & hotel

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Zalec - Sculpture Hop poles

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Zalec - Hop Fountain

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Municipality: ŽALEC (21243 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Žalec (4862 population), Šempeter v Savinj. Dolini (2030), Gotovlje (1172), Zabukovica (976), Petrovče (936),

Pongrac (849), Kasaze (759), Migojnice (657), Griže (624), Galicija (618), Studence (601), Vrbje (564), Liboje (509), Arja vas (507), Pernovo (504), Velika Pirešica (495), Ložnica pri Žalcu (482), Levec (479), Dobriša vas (440), Podvin (378), Ponikva pri Žalcu (373), Podlog v Savinjski Dolini (342), Železno (241), Drešinja vas (238), Podkraj (222), Zgornje Grušovlje (189), Hramše (180), Zavrh pri Galiciji (145), Kale (137), Zgornje Roje (137), Spodnje Grušovlje (114), Zalog pri Šempetru (106), Grče (99), Mala Pirešica (71), Ruše (68), Brnica (51), Zaloška Gorica (39), Spodnje Roje (35), Novo Celje (14)