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Arena Wellness Hotel 

Pot K Mlinu 57, 2000 Maribor

Enjoying a picturesque location at the foothills of Pohorje close to ski slopes and surrounded by nature, Hotel Arena is a 10-minute drive from the centre of Maribor.



Pot K Mlinu 57, 2000 Maribor

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Maribor - Maribor Castle

The Maribor Castle is one of the most remarkable architectonic monuments in Maribor. Today is here the seat of the Regional Museum of Maribor. On the facade you can see the table in the memory of Franjo Bas, who organized the museum and archives. The Maribor Castle is decorated with different architectoral and style periods. It was built by Friderik III. between the years 1478 and 1483 to strengthen the town's walls because of the threatening Turkish attacks. Later was changed to the rich feudal residence. At the western side of the castle is the wonderful baroque staircase from the years 1747 and 1759....

Maribor - Three Ponds

The three ponds are situated north of Maribor near the city park. In the past the ponds were water reserves that supplied the town's defense moat. Today are the three ponds artificially made lakes, which are filled up with water from the nearest brooks. It also exist the fourth pond from which flow two canals and fill up the first, second and third lake. The first pond has fountain and in the second is the artificial island for nesting ducks and swans. The third pond is the warmest and it freezes only in the rare circumstances in the winter. This region offers beside its beauty also the variety of the r...

Maribor - City Park

City Park in Maribor is a place of peace and relaxation after the city hustle and bustle. It is situated north of the town centre. The design of the park has a medieval basis. In the year 1879 the City Park was finally reformed and split into several parts, which are City Park, Calvary, Three ponds and Pyramid Hill. Despite later changes the City Park preserved the quality of the original historical design in the landscape style. Today in the park grows about 100 species of domestic and foreign deciduous trees and many coniferous trees. In 1998, at the 100th anniversary of the Olympic champion Leon St...

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