Upper Carniola - Blejsko jezero
Upper Carniola

Upper Carniola

Castles, manors, towers, forts, fortificationsCastles, manors, towers, forts, fortifications

Castles, manors, towers, forts, fortifications
Source: Public information of Slovenia,
The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia,
State map in measure 1 : 1.000.000, 1995

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Castle Kamen

Castle Kamen is situated in the village Begunje on narrow passage, which closes valley of Draga. From former powerful castle are today remaining only ruins, which are exemplary ordered and protected before further decaying. Every year they light a bonfire, celebration in honour of nationality – 25th of June and archery tourney. We trace the first records of castle Kamen in the 12th century, when it was s ... arrow

Loka Castle

Rising 475m above the city of Krancelj on a prominence stands Loka Castle. It was built on the edge of a natural terrace and below the castle a settlement of merchants and tradesmen grew up. It was first mentioned in a document in 1202 which stated it to be a resistantial castle. The first castle was build by the Freising Bishops and was the seat of the Manager or Head. The bishop when he came to see his ... arrow

Bled - Bled Castle

Bled Castle is a powerful castle on the rock above Lake Bled. According to written sources is one of the oldest castles in Slovenia. Bled Castle is beside Bled island a symbol of Bled and Slovenia. From the castle are wonderful views to the lake with an island, Julian Alps, Karavanke, Lesce, Radovljica and other surroundings. The castle was donated with the deed of donation from Henrik II. to Brixen bish ... arrow


Bohinjska Bistrica - Zois Manor with Tower Clock

Bohinjska Bistrica is the largest village in the Bohinj valley and seat of the community. It is situated between hills Ajdovski gradec and Dobrava and between brooks Bistrica and Belica. The village divides road from the railway station to the Lower and Upper village. In Bohinjska Bistrica are railway tunnel, sports hall, open playground for tennis, football playground, elementary school, bus station, mu ... arrow

Brdo Estate - Castle Brdo

Castle Brdo was built in the first quarter of the 16 th century. The renaissance mansion was built by aristoctratic family Egkh. Plans for the castle were made by Italian master builders. They also arranged the garden, ponds and orchard. In the castle were later living the family Gallenberg, family Zois and Prince Karađorđević. Brdo was after the Second World War nationalized. The castle was renovated an ... arrow

Preddvor - Lake Crnava, Hotel Alma & Grad Hrib

The Lake Crnava and Hotel Alma & Grad Hrib are situated in Preddvor. They are popular places for many local people. They are also starting-points for trips to the saint Jakob, Potoska gora, Kalisce, Javorjev vrh, Srednji vrh, Cemsenik, Storzic and Hudicev borst. The Preddvor manor in the middle of the village was between second world war private hotel for holidaymakers. Today is youth house. The Castle H ... arrow

Skofja Loka - Pustal

Pustal is suburban settlement in Skofja Loka. It is situated in right bank of Poljanscica. Pustal is accessible from the town over bridge Pustal and on foot by Kopaliska Street over wooden footbridge Hudiceva brv (Devil footbridge), in which is also a mark. River under footbridge Hudiceva brv is spuming and rapid. Worth seeing are also Pustal's castle, church saint Kriz on Hribec, Nace's house, Policar h ... arrow

Skofja Loka - Stara Loka

Stara Loka is part of Skofja Loka and belongs to oldest Slovenian settlements. It is primary Loka and in the year 1286 is first named as Stara. Worth seeing in Stara Loka are church of saint Jurij and Strahlov or Staroloski castle, beside there is also a small park. Church of saint Jurij is one of the oldest in Kranjska, it was built round 1118. Church was several times changed and rebuilt, so it has los ... arrow

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