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Slovenia is a European country between Alpes, Adriatic Sea and Pannonian Basin.

Castles, manors, towers, forts, fortificationsCastles, manors, towers, forts, fortifications

Castles, manors, towers, forts, fortifications
Source: Public information of Slovenia,
The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia,
State map in measure 1 : 1.000.000, 1995

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Bled - Bled Castle

Bled Castle is a powerful castle on the rock above Lake Bled. According to written sources is one of the oldest castles in Slovenia. Bled Castle is beside Bled island a symbol of Bled and Slovenia. From the castle are wonderful views to the lake with an island, Julian Alps, Karavanke, Lesce, Radovljica and other surroundings. The castle was donated with the deed of donation from Henrik II. to Brixen bish ... arrow

Sneznik Castle

Sneznik Castle is the best preserved castle in Notranjska region. It is located under the mountain Sneznik near the place Kozarisce. The castle is built on a rock at the source of the Brezno Spring and the Obrh. Below the castle is the spring dammed into a large pond. In sources the Sneznik Castle was first mentioned in the year 1268 as the hunting post. The formation of the present castle goes to the ye ... arrow

Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana is the capital town of Slovenia since 1991. It is a popular tourist destination that attracts many visitors throughout the year. It was first mentioned in the written sources around the year 1120. Today, Ljubljana is the cultural, administrative, transport, economic, political, research and educational center of Slovenia. Ljubljana Castle is a mighty medieval fortress, which is a symbol of th ... arrow

Predjama Castle

The Predjama Castle is located under the overhanging rock in the region Podgora, which is only 9 kilometres from Postojna, beside the village of Predjama. It is also called eagle nest of the robbery knight Erazem Predjamski, about who exists lots of legends. The Predjama Castle is carved in the vivid rock. It was existing already in the 13th century, probably sooner. It was managed by Jamski, which belon ... arrow

Velenje - Velenje Castle

Velenje castle is one of the most preserved castles in Slovenia. It lies in the steep rock under the city of Velenje. It is first mentioned in 1270. Velenje castle is one of the tenth Slovenian castles who existed in the Middle Age in Saleska valley. The castle is a tipical military and residental stronghold. After the centuries they built it and changed it several times. First owners were Kunsper gentle ... arrow


Bohinjska Bistrica - Zois Manor with Tower Clock

Bohinjska Bistrica is the largest village in the Bohinj valley and seat of the community. It is situated between hills Ajdovski gradec and Dobrava and between brooks Bistrica and Belica. The village divides road from the railway station to the Lower and Upper village. In Bohinjska Bistrica are railway tunnel, sports hall, open playground for tennis, football playground, elementary school, bus station, mu ... arrow

Crnomelj - Old Town Centre

Crnomelj is the central and the biggest town in Bela krajina. It lies high under the confluence of the river Lahinja and at the affluent of the river Doblicica. Crnomelj was settled since the older Iron Age. The city has because of its geographical position, beside the main road, only two parallel streets. This has changed only a little with the years. Crnomelj is first mentioned in the year 1228 with th ... arrow

Crnomelj - Old Town Centre

Crnomelj is the central and the biggest town in Bela krajina. It lies high under the confluence of the river Lahinja and at the affluent of the river Doblicica. Crnomelj was settled since the older Iron Age. The city has because of its geographical position, beside the main road, only two parallel streets. This has changed only a little with the years. Crnomelj is first mentioned in the year 1228 with th ... arrow

Matzenau Manor

Prosenjakovci is a small village in the Municipality of Moravske Toplice in the Prekmurje region, near to the border with Hungary. There are two small churches in the settlement. The village is the site of an unmarked grave associated with the Second World War. Matzenau Manor is located near the centre of the village. The two-storeyed manor, mentioned in records as a castle from 1876, was a luxurious e ... arrow

Soteska Manor and Hudicev turn

The Soteska Manor is located in the road between Novo mesto and Zuzemberk. Among the Second World War was destroyed by fire and today remained only the ruins. The manor was built in the years from 1664 to 1689 by count Jurij Ziga Gallenberg. The owner made the castle park designed in renaissance style with the garden pavilion, which has today the name Hudic turn. The building has the ground plan in the f ... arrow

Fort Hermann

Fort Hermann is part of the stronghold complex of the Kluze Fortress. It was built in the rising ground above the Kluze Fortress. The beginning of the trail is in the nearness of the Kluze Fortress, at the opposite side of the road. Under the steep walls, where the rocks can fall, you will come to the tunnel. The tunnel has lighting and when you walk through, are by side the corridors, which lead to the ... arrow

Gornja Radgona - Radgona Castle

Radgona Castle is located in the Gornja Radgona, which lies in the right bank of the river Mura. The city is situated by the main road from the Murska Sobota to Maribor, at the border with Austria. Gornja Radgona is lying in the hill Grajski gric. It is famous by annual agricultural fair. Radgona Castle was first mentioned in the 12th century. It stands in the hill from there is a beautiful view to the s ... arrow

Castle Bizeljsko (Wisell)

Castle Bizeljsko (Wissel) is situated on a rocky hill above the village Bizeljsko. Castle gives the village its characteristics appearance. In written sources is first mentioned in 1404, when the region was inhabited by knights Wissell. The castle has a medieval layout. Throughout the centuries has played an important role as a defensive post. Today the Castle Bizeljsko has Renaissance and Baroque featur ... arrow

Bogensperk Castle

Castle Bogensperk is one of the most significant Renaissance castles in Slovenia. It was also home of the celebrated polymath Johann Weichard Valvasor. The castle was built by the Wagen family, feudal lords of the near by Lichenberg castle. The first documented records date back to 1533 when Jorg Wentschitsch is mentioned as the castellan. The castle remained the property of the Wagen family until 1627, ... arrow

Castle Dobrovo

Castle Dobrovo is located on a small viewing slope in the village of Dobrovo. The Renaissance two-storey mansion from the early 17th century was built on the site of an older castle. The estate was started to be built by the dukes of Montecuccoli, completed by the Counts of Colloredo, and its last owners were the Baguers. Castle is an undivided rectangular building with square towers. The towers are up ... arrow

Grad Castle in Goricko

Grad Castle is located in the village Grad in Goricko. The village Grad is the biggest and the oldest settlement in Goricko. The castle is a cultural memorial and it is very important in the state level. It is protected with its surroundings and castle park as the artistry, architecture and cultural memorial. The castle is the big trump for the touristical resuscitate of the village Grad. The local peopl ... arrow

Gradac Castle

The Gradac Castle is situated in the village Gradac in the Community Metlika in Bela krajina. The castle stands in the good protected area of the river Lahinja. There is a footpath to the Gradac Castle, which secedes from the main road next to the store. We come to the castle over the wooden bridge, which goes across the former defensive dyke. In the sources was the castle first mentioned in the year 132 ... arrow

Kalc Castle

Zagorje is a small village in the Municipality of Pivka in the Inner Carniola region. In the village is a parish church, which is dedicated to Saint Helena and the chapel at the cemetery, which is dedicated to Saint Paul. The Kalc castle is located near the village Zagorje in the Valley of the Pivka Lakes. At Kalc, a mansion was built by the nobleman George Steinberg around 1620. It was named after the ... arrow

Castle Kamen

Castle Kamen is situated in the village Begunje on narrow passage, which closes valley of Draga. From former powerful castle are today remaining only ruins, which are exemplary ordered and protected before further decaying. Every year they light a bonfire, celebration in honour of nationality – 25th of June and archery tourney. We trace the first records of castle Kamen in the 12th century, when it was s ... arrow

Otocec Castle

The Otocec Castle is situated near the city Novo mesto in Dolenjska. It is the only water castle in Slovenia and it stands on one of the island of the Krka River. Its image was formed through the centuries. The beginning of the castle goes back to the 13 th century, in the year 1252. The name Otocec originates from the Freizing bishops. The owners of the castle were named knights from the island – de Wer ... arrow

Podsreda Castle

Podsreda Castle is situated in the Kozjansko Regional Park. It lies in the northern slope Orlice. From the castle is a wonderful view to the valley Bistrica and Sotla, medieval square Podsreda and Hrvasko Zagorje. It was built in the 12th century. Many owners exchanged, but the medieval kernel of the castle remained almost undamaged through the centuries. The present image got in the 19th century. They s ... arrow

Slovenska Bistrica Castle

Slovenska Bistrica Castle is located in the immediate nearness of the city centre. It is the powerful building, which can be hardly missed. At the castle is the park, which attracts locals and other visitors in every time of the year. The Slovenska Bistrica Castle was first mentioned in the year 1313. It has variegated history, because it changed the owners several times. At the beginning it was in the d ... arrow

Tustanj Castle

Zgornji Tustanj is a small village in the Municipality of Moravce in the central part of Slovenia. Tustanj Castle is located on a hill southwest of Moravce and southeast of the road to Vrhpolje. The castle was built in 1490 and got its present form in the year 1671. Tustanj Castle offer – attend castle cultural events, organisation of field trips for kindergartens and schools, organise seminars and eve ... arrow

Castle of Zaprice

The Castle of Zaprice is one of the biggest cultural sights in Kamnik. It is situated on the small hill above the town and there were two castles already in that place in the past. The Castle of Zaprice was built by aristocratic family Dienger von Apecz. In the first half of the 16th century was renovated by Jurij Lamberg. The primary medieval castle was surrounded with walls with two towers and corner b ... arrow

Idrija - Castle Gewerkenegg

Castle Gewerkenegg is located on a small hill in the old town centre of Idrija. The renaissance castle was built in the 16th century for the mine management and the storage of mercury. Castle Gewerkenegg was also a centre of trade with mercury in Idrija. The castle was through the centuries rearranged and upgraded. Courtyard facades were painted in the other half of the 18th century with frescoes, which ... arrow

Kamnik - Stari grad (Old Castle)

The Old Castle is a castle above the city Kamnik, where are nowadays only ruins. We can go to the castle from different directions. If we walk, we can start by the marked way near the centre of Kamnik. It takes about 30 minutes. Somewhere on the half of the way is the Little Wooden Mills Grove,where are lots of small mills. This part is especially interesting for children. We can also drive by the asphal ... arrow

Kostanjevica Castle - Bozidar Jakac Gallery

The Bozidar Jakac Gallery is situated in Kostanjevica na Krki. It was established in the year 1974. Most of the pictures are from expressionists. The first starts of the gallery goes back to the year 1956, when was in the places of the elementary school established The Gorjup Gallery. The Gallery Bozidar Jakac is situated in the rooms of the former Cistercian monastery, which the local people also call i ... arrow

Maribor - Maribor Castle

The Maribor Castle is one of the most remarkable architectonic monuments in Maribor. Today is here the seat of the Regional Museum of Maribor. On the facade you can see the table in the memory of Franjo Bas, who organized the museum and archives. The Maribor Castle is decorated with different architectoral and style periods. It was built by Friderik III. between the years 1478 and 1483 to strengthen the ... arrow

Polhov Gradec Mansion

Polhov Gradec Mansion is situated in Polhov Gradec and it is the main attraction of the place. It lies between Polhograjska Gora and Kalvarija and it is a little bit far from the old village centre. Before the mansion is a wonderful park with a a hundred years old lime tree and the Neptun fountain with colums with nymphs from the year 1696. The mansion complex also has an English tower with clock, mansio ... arrow

Brdo Estate - Castle Brdo

Castle Brdo was built in the first quarter of the 16 th century. The renaissance mansion was built by aristoctratic family Egkh. Plans for the castle were made by Italian master builders. They also arranged the garden, ponds and orchard. In the castle were later living the family Gallenberg, family Zois and Prince Karađorđević. Brdo was after the Second World War nationalized. The castle was renovated an ... arrow

Preddvor - Lake Crnava, Hotel Alma & Grad Hrib

The Lake Crnava and Hotel Alma & Grad Hrib are situated in Preddvor. They are popular places for many local people. They are also starting-points for trips to the saint Jakob, Potoska gora, Kalisce, Javorjev vrh, Srednji vrh, Cemsenik, Storzic and Hudicev borst. The Preddvor manor in the middle of the village was between second world war private hotel for holidaymakers. Today is youth house. The Castle H ... arrow

Ptuj Castle

Ptuj Castle is a powerful building, which is proudly rising above the town. The castle complex is composed from the former administrative building, central castle building, granary, stables, southern right-angled tower, west tower, southern round tower, northern tower, castle farm and castle walls with three portals, early medieval terrestrial dyke and guardhouse. All the buildings are located in the cas ... arrow

Radece - Novi dvor Manor House

The Novi Dvor manor house, which some sources state was also called Marijin Dvor, Dvor, Weichselbergerhof or Weichselstein, began to be constructed in the second half of 1535 by Lord Žiga Višnjegorski at a cost of 2000 florins. The house took shape alongside the road between Radeče and Boštanj, which had been opened in 1458, and the estate was connected to nearby Sevnica by the ford between Čot and Loka. ... arrow

Skofja Loka - Pustal

Pustal is suburban settlement in Skofja Loka. It is situated in right bank of Poljanscica. Pustal is accessible from the town over bridge Pustal and on foot by Kopaliska Street over wooden footbridge Hudiceva brv (Devil footbridge), in which is also a mark. River under footbridge Hudiceva brv is spuming and rapid. Worth seeing are also Pustal's castle, church saint Kriz on Hribec, Nace's house, Policar h ... arrow

Skofja Loka - Stara Loka

Stara Loka is part of Skofja Loka and belongs to oldest Slovenian settlements. It is primary Loka and in the year 1286 is first named as Stara. Worth seeing in Stara Loka are church of saint Jurij and Strahlov or Staroloski castle, beside there is also a small park. Church of saint Jurij is one of the oldest in Kranjska, it was built round 1118. Church was several times changed and rebuilt, so it has los ... arrow

Loka Castle

Rising 475m above the city of Krancelj on a prominence stands Loka Castle. It was built on the edge of a natural terrace and below the castle a settlement of merchants and tradesmen grew up. It was first mentioned in a document in 1202 which stated it to be a resistantial castle. The first castle was build by the Freising Bishops and was the seat of the Manager or Head. The bishop when he came to see his ... arrow

Old Duino Castle

The first fortified settlement that gave shape to life in the village, was built in the 11th century. The oldest written document about the stronghold of Duino is dated 1139, the period which began with the condominium of the Tybein De Dewino, vassals of the Patriarchs of Aquileia; the fiefdom at that time was called Tybein. The fiefdom was able to fend of attacks thanks to the high walls and battlemen ... arrow

Kluze Fortress

Kluze Fortress is situated near Bovec. It belongs to the most powerful and most interesting strongholds. It is lying above the deep gorge of the Koritnica River, in its most narrow part. Before the Kluze Fortress is a small park, where are also the information tables. The primary Venetian fortress was erected in the second part of the 15th century for defence before the Turks. The Venetians were banished ... arrow

Fort Predel

Fort Predel is located about one kilometre from the former frontier Predel. It belongs between one of the six Carinthia strongholds. The first fortification was already built in the time of the Napoleon Wars and was burnt down twice in the fights between the French and the Austrians. In the year 1850 they built a new stronghold, which was constructed from the main building on the rising and the smaller b ... arrow

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