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Slovenia is a European country between Alpes, Adriatic Sea and Pannonian Basin.

Lakes, pondsLakes, ponds

Lakes, ponds
Source: Public information of Slovenia,
The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia,
State map in measure 1 : 1.000.000, 1995

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Bled - Lake Bled

Lake Bled is wonderful in every time of the year and so attracts many visitors from near and far. If you go for a walk around the lake, you can see the city part with the shopping centre and Spa Park, Castle Bathing Area, Mala Zaka with Rowing Centre and statue of boatman, Velika Zaka, baths in Mlino and other. It is a marvellous view to Bled Castle, Bled Island and Karavanken Mountains. In the city part ... arrow

Plansar Lake (The Pasture Lake)

Plansar Lake is situated in Zgornje Jezersko, against boundary, where is the branch marked with a signpost. At the lake is the restaurant Gostisce ob jezeru, where they have good local food. Around the lake goes a nice walking way. The lake has a shape of a heart. It was damed up in the memory of the big ice lake. It is the most known tourist point in the village and their symbol. We can visit it in any ... arrow

Smartinsko Lake

Smartinsko Lake is situated near the town Celje. It is attractive and popular excursion place for local people and tourists. The lake was made in the year 1970, when the barrier Loce was built in the brook Koprivnica. In that way was saved the danger that river Savinja would owerflow the the town Celje. Smartinsko Lake belongs to the largest artificial lakes in Slovenia. It measures 113 hectares in surfa ... arrow


Brestanica - Mackovci Ponds

Mackovci Ponds are situated in the nearness of Brestanica, which belongs under the Krsko Commune. They are the popular tripper, sporting and fishing point. In the centre of the town you can see the boards who will direct you to Mackovci Ponds. They are artificially made three ponds with the diameter about half kilometre. Their owner is the fishing family Krsko-Brestanica. They have filled up pools with d ... arrow

The Lake of Bukovnik

The Lake of Bukovnik is located in Goricko, southern from the village Bukovnica. It is ranging amongst the artificial lakes. It was made against flooding precaution. Lake is ecologically very sensitive region. It is part of the Goricko Nature Park. It belongs amongst the national natural values. The average depth of the lake is about 2 meters and in some places up to 5 metres. The surface of the lake is ... arrow

Lake Crno jezero (Black Lake)

Crno jezero is situated in Pohorje on the forest ridge between Osankarica and Trije kralji. The lake was artificially made and is about 50 hectare large. It is from around 6000 BC, when the inhabitants deepen the swamp region and changed it to the lake. In the middle of the 19th century the lake was increased because of the timber which was put into the valley. The crystal clear lake is home of rare vege ... arrow

Lake Divje jezero

Divje jezero (Wild Lake) is a complex natural phenomenon: a karst cave, a karst spring and a lake at the same time. Its foundation and origin was to a great extent influenced by karst processes and tectonic forces. Above the lake, a fault can be clearly seen, cutting across a hundred metres high walls of folded limestones. On the basis of fossil bivalve remains, geologists were able to establish that the ... arrow

Camp Sobec

Camping Sobec is the largest campground in Slovenia. It ranks in the highest five-star category. It has also The Blue Flag, which is a symbol of high environmental standards as well as good sanitary and safety facilities at the beach. Open is from Easter and to the end of September. The Camp is located in the North-West of Slovenia. It is only 15 km from the Karavanke Tunnel and 2 km off the road Villach ... arrow

Kriski bajer Pond

East of the small village of Križ, is located the half-hectare Gajšek pond, which is several centuries old. The village is part of the Municipality of Komenda in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia. The pond is fed by a small stream, which breathes some life into it. Above the village of Križ, count Ahacij Turn built a castle on top of about 350 metre high hill in the middle of the 16th century. The ... arrow

Maribor - Three Ponds

The three ponds are situated north of Maribor near the city park. In the past the ponds were water reserves that supplied the town's defense moat. Today are the three ponds artificially made lakes, which are filled up with water from the nearest brooks. It also exist the fourth pond from which flow two canals and fill up the first, second and third lake. The first pond has fountain and in the second is t ... arrow

Park Pisece

Pisece is a larger and cloddy settlement, which is situated on the south slope of Orlica on the east border of Slovenia in Posotelj. The buildings are adapted to the steep position by the slopes. The kernel is by the village road under the church of saint Michael. In the village core the old school, inn, blacksmith's museum and shop. Pisece Castle lies on the west side by the village. It stands inside th ... arrow

Preddvor - Lake Crnava, Hotel Alma & Grad Hrib

The Lake Crnava and Hotel Alma & Grad Hrib are situated in Preddvor. They are popular places for many local people. They are also starting-points for trips to the saint Jakob, Potoska gora, Kalisce, Javorjev vrh, Srednji vrh, Cemsenik, Storzic and Hudicev borst. The Preddvor manor in the middle of the village was between second world war private hotel for holidaymakers. Today is youth house. The Castle H ... arrow

Lake Ptuj

Lake Ptuj on Drava belongs to the largest artificial lakes in Slovenia. It was made in the year 1978, when they stemed up the river Drava. Lake Ptuj is 12 metres deep, 9 metres long and 1,2 km wide. The lake is intended for the hydroelectric station Formin. In place Markovce is the lake water separated into two parts. One flows to the riverbed of river Drava and the other flows by the channel to hydroele ... arrow

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