Upper Carniola - Blejsko jezero
Upper Carniola

Upper Carniola

The most beautiful placesThe most beautiful places

The most beautiful places
Source: Public information of Slovenia,
The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia,
State map in measure 1 : 1.000.000, 1995

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Skofja Loka

Skofja Loka lies on the confluence of the Poljanska and Selska Sora Rivers under the slope of the Skofja Loka hills. The nearest villages are Stara Loka, Crngrob, Suha and Pustal. Skofja Loka was established by Freising bishops in the year 973 and they dominated the place to the year 1803 when it was nationalized by the Austrian emperor. Skofja Loka through the history survived attacks, plagues, fires an ... arrow

Vintgar Gorge

The Vintgar Gorge is situated in the road from the Bled over Spodnje Gorje, Podhom and the small village Vintgar. We can park car before the gorge, there is a big parking place. The Blejski Vintgar Gorge is open from the end of the April till the end of October but it depends on the weather situation. The gorge is open from eight to seven in the afternoon. It was discovered in the year 1891 by photograph ... arrow


Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia and the central part of Triglav National Park. Triglav is 2864 metres high and is located in the Julian Alps. It is a symbol of Slovenia and we can see it in the Slovenian arms. The first one who climbed to the mountain in the year 1778 were Luka Korosec, Stefan Rozic, Matevz Kos and Lovrenc Willomitzer from Bohinj, where we also can see their monument. In the ... arrow


Bled is by far the country’s most popular destination. Thanks to its placid fairytale lake and the island in the middle, this small town is the top choice for travelers who want to spend relaxing holidays in Slovenia. The castle is perched 120 meters on a craggy bluff on the northern shore. The first trace of human settlement dates from the Stone Age. Bled is today a modern resort with many hotels, pri ... arrow



Brezje in Gorenjska is famous as a pilgrimage place of Slovenian Cristians. Brezje is visited across all year, but the main meeting is at the festival of Maria Pomagaj in 24 th of May. Brezje are situated in outstanding beauty of Slovenian land, because they lie in Gorenjska flat country under rich woods of Karavanke, Jelovica and Pokljuka under powerful Triglav. Brezje are first mentioned in 11th centur ... arrow

Golica - Koca na Golici Mountain Hut

Golica is a border mountain in Karavanke. It is situated in the height 1835 above sea level. The most proper time to visit it is from May to October, but the most beautiful is at the end of the May and in June, when it is covered with narcissuses. At that time the meadows look like as they are white like snow. The people's tale says that narcissuses got their name because of the bees. The mountain is acc ... arrow


Kranj is Slovenia's fourth largest city and the largest in Gorenjska. It is an economical, mercantile, transport, educational and cultural centre. The city is constantly expanding. New shops and apartments are being built, old buildings and streets are being renovated and the city is looking more pleasant. Kranj was developed on the flat area above the confluence of the Sava and Kokra rivers, between the ... arrow


Krvavec is a mountain, which is situated in Kamnik-Savinja Alps. It belongs to Cerklje Commune in Gorenjska Region. Krvavec RTC is very well known wintersport centre, which is visited by many admirers of skiing and other sport activities. Before development of skiing and cable railway Krvavec was in summer time a mountain pasture for cattle. The first double seated ski chair lift from the valley to Gospi ... arrow

Plansar Lake (The Pasture Lake)

Plansar Lake is situated in Zgornje Jezersko, against boundary, where is the branch marked with a signpost. At the lake is the restaurant Gostisce ob jezeru, where they have good local food. Around the lake goes a nice walking way. The lake has a shape of a heart. It was damed up in the memory of the big ice lake. It is the most known tourist point in the village and their symbol. We can visit it in any ... arrow

Pokljuka Gorge

The Pokljuka Gorge is one of the most beautiful gorges in Slovenia. Now is possible to visit gorge only in your own responsibility, because everywhere lies the remains of trees and branches. In spring time is also dangerous because of falling stones. Some parts of the Pokljuka Ravine are ruined. It is accessible from the road of Bled, over villages Zgornje Gorje, Krnica and also from Zatrnik. It belongs ... arrow

Preddvor - Lake Crnava, Hotel Alma & Grad Hrib

The Lake Crnava and Hotel Alma & Grad Hrib are situated in Preddvor. They are popular places for many local people. They are also starting-points for trips to the saint Jakob, Potoska gora, Kalisce, Javorjev vrh, Srednji vrh, Cemsenik, Storzic and Hudicev borst. The Preddvor manor in the middle of the village was between second world war private hotel for holidaymakers. Today is youth house. The Castle H ... arrow

Pericnik Waterfall

The Pericnik Waterfall is one of the most well known waterfalls in Slovenia. It consists of the Upper and Lower waterfall. The Upper waterfall is high about 16 meters and the Lower waterfall is high about 52 meters. The maximum water flow is in autumn and in spring time. In winter time both waterfalls turn into innumerable floes and icicles in delicate shades of green and blue. Near the waterfall is a mo ... arrow

Savica Waterfall

The Savica Waterfall is a wonderful waterfall in Bohinj valley. The best way to come to the waterfall is from the parking place by Koca pri Savici and Home Savica. We come there from Ukanc. Passing the Home Savica we follow the information sighns to the stony bridge over the Mala (Little) Savica. Here we pay in the wooden cottage contribution for maintenance of the road and we can also buy souvenirs. Aft ... arrow

Tromeja - The three-border area

The three-border area is situated on the border with Austria, Italy and Slovenia. It is also called Pec (1510 m). It connects German, Slavonic and Romance culture. On the top they organize meetings of all three nationalities every year. The three-border area is a popular excursion point for locals and tourists. The three-border area is located near Kranjska Gora, in the direction to the border passage Ra ... arrow


Mountain pass Vrsic (1611 m) is the highest road passing in the Eastern Julian Alps. The pass is connecting Savska and Soska dolina or Gorenjska Region with Trenta. Vrsic is considerable part of the year closed because of the snow. The road was built by Russian prisoners between First World War. At that time Vrsic was strategically important, because it made the Austrian army the easier access to the Sos ... arrow


Zelenica is located in the left side of the former boundary frontier Ljubelj. You can leave car in the larger parking place under the lower station of the ski slope Zelenica. At weekends it can be crowded, so it is better if you come in the early morning hours. The ski centre Zelenica attracts many visitors, because the ski lines are good for experienced skiers and also for the ones who are just beginner ... arrow

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