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Slovenia is a European country between Alpes, Adriatic Sea and Pannonian Basin.

Natural baths, beachesNatural baths, beaches

Natural baths, beaches
Source: Public information of Slovenia,
The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia,
State map in measure 1 : 1.000.000, 1995

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Lake Bled - Velika Zaka

The Velika Zaka is located in the north side of the Bled lake bank. The Velika Zaka is in the summer time the popular place for bathing, which is visited by many local people and tourists, because here is also the Camping Bled. The baths in the Velika Zaka are mostly grassy and are situated just near the lake. There are showers on the beach. The grassy area is available also across the main road in the c ... arrow

Lake Bohinj (southern side) - Beach

Bohinj is a popular tourist point, which attracts many local people and tourists through all the year. In winter times we can ski, slide, sledge, ski run and do many other activities. In warmer months the place becomes a paradise for hiking and mountaineering, cycling, fishing, horseback riding, sport climbing, swimming, adrenaline and extreme sports. The Bohinj Lake has a wonderful beach with many beaut ... arrow

Camp Sobec

Camping Sobec is the largest campground in Slovenia. It ranks in the highest five-star category. It has also The Blue Flag, which is a symbol of high environmental standards as well as good sanitary and safety facilities at the beach. Open is from Easter and to the end of September. The Camp is located in the North-West of Slovenia. It is only 15 km from the Karavanke Tunnel and 2 km off the road Villach ... arrow

Portoroz - Beach

Portoroz is the world famous and largest seaside resort in Slovenia. Local and foreign visitors have long been attracted by the mild Mediterranean climate, sandy coastal plains and lush vegetation. It was probably known as a health resort in the 13th century. The first military health resort hotel was built in 1830. Towards rapid development helped the electric tram, which connected Portoroz with Piran a ... arrow


Adria Ankaran - Beach

Ankaran is a small village located on the southern slope of the Miljsko peninsula, at the beginning of the Slovenian part of the Istrian coast. Ankaran is about five kilometers away from the nearby town of Koper. The area was inhabited already in Roman times, because of its natural location it is protected from the winds. The early development of tourism was influenced by its favorable, sunny location, ... arrow

Bernardin - Beach Grand Hotel Bernardin

The Grand Hotel Bernardin is a prestigious part of the Bernardin Tourist Complex between Portoroz and Piran. It is distinguished by its beautiful location right by the sea. The hotel provides services that exceed five stars in quality. It is an ideal place for a short or long vacation on the Slovenian coast. The Grand Hotel Bernardin is surrounded by a green, peaceful environment and beautiful location ... arrow

Bernardin - Bernardin Beach

Bernardin is a hotel resort on the Slovenian coast. It is located between Piran and Portorož. The resort includes the Grand Bernardin Hotel, Histrion Hotel, Villas Park Hotel, Convention Center, the Wellness Center, Bernardin Lagoon and Bernardin Casino. Within the Villa Park Hotel there is a beach with Arcobaleno's new outdoor pool. The hotel connects five villas, which are Vila Galeb, Vila Orada, Vil ... arrow

Bled - Castle Bathing Area

Castle Bathing Area is situated in the wonderful location just under the magnificent rock. Above the bathing area is rising the Bled Castle. Castle Bathing Area is the only public bathing place by Lake Bled. It is fenced in the land and also in the water. Grajsko kopališče has several years the Blue Flag, which means that fulfills the strict environment standards as the result of ecological activity of a ... arrow

Lake Bled - South side

Bled is a place, which belongs to the most beautiful tourist places in Slovenia. The most beautiful parts of Bled are lake, castle on the rocky cliff and the island with the church. The southern part of the Lake Bled includes the footpath on the wooden galleries just above the lake. You will be passing Cafe Belvedere, Villa Bled, beach Mlino, private hotel Mlino and restaurant, private hotel Pletna, Vill ... arrow

Lake Bled - Mala Zaka

The Mala Zaka is situated not far away from the centre of Bled. It is in the bay at the northern part of the Lake Bled. The Mala Zaka is a popular bathing place, which in the summer time attracts lots of local people and tourists. You can lie at the meadow or at the asphalt bank with the wooden piers in the close nearness. In the nearness is also the parking place. The Mala Zaka is the sporting and touri ... arrow

Camp Bohinj

Camp Bohinj is situated in Ukanc, just near the lake Bohinj. It is surrounded with beautiful views to Julian Alps. It is ideal for those who like the direct contact with nature. Camp Bohinj is separated on two parts, zone A, which is just at the lake and zone B. They have reception, restaurant, rent a bicycle, natural beach and boathouse with classical boats, canoes and kayaks. Beside that they have bath ... arrow

Debeli Rtic - Beach

Cape Debeli Rtic extends on the northern part of the Slovenian coast, near the border with Italy. The Mediterranean Park and the coastline at Debeli Rtic are protected and therefore a special regime is in force, which prohibits all interventions and destruction of natural heritage. Debeli Rtic Youth Spa and Debeli Rtic RKS Resort are located on Debeli Rtic, built in 1955. The protected area covers abou ... arrow

Kanal - Beach (Bathing area)

Kanal is a medieval town, which is situated on the banks of the Soca River. River banks are connected with a Kanal Bridge, which was built in 1580. In hot summer months is swimming in the river nice refreshing, which attracts many local people and tourists. Interesting speciality is a sandy beach, which is located in the nearness of the Kanal Bridge. In hot days water becomes convenient for swimming. Bes ... arrow

City Baths Koper

City Baths Koper is located near the Marina Koper. It is the only and main public bath in the city, which attracts many local people in hot summer days. The Baths Koper has available natural shadow under the pine trees with the grassy area, two piers, playground for children, toilets, showers and changing room. For infirm people is taking care of with the special pier for access to the sea. City Baths Ko ... arrow

Piran - Beach below the Church of St. George

Piran is the city which is the best preserved city cultural monument in Slovenian Istria. It is a valuable and very special old port town, who is the closest neighbor of the fashionable Portoroz. Piran is completely protected by monuments and its inhabitants mostly live from tourism. Piran got its present appearance at the end of the 19th century. Tartini's market has emerged by seizing the inland port ... arrow

Seca - Camping Lucija

Camping Lucija is situated on the green Soca peninsula. The campsite lies at six hectares with a capacity of 1000 guests. The Camp Lucija is contemporarily equipped. It has a restaurant with excellent Istrian specialities and a shop. There are also availabe refrigerators. The camping is separated to the Zone A and Zone B. The Zone A is situated by the sea and it has electricity and the water. The Zone B ... arrow

Seca - Seca Cape

Cape Seca is located between Portoroz and Secovlje Salt-pans in the nearness of the Camping Lucija. Camping Lucija is a modern camp with place for about 1000 guests. On the edge of the Cape Seca is a wild beach, which is a popular place for locals and tourists. We can take a walk by the meadow and enjoy in beautiful views to Portoroz and surroundings. On the hill above the coast is Forma Viva, where we c ... arrow

Simonov zaliv (Simon

Izola is a picturesque Mediterranean town stretching on the coast between Piran and Izola. It is an important city of Slovenian Istria with a well-developed craft and economic activity. The favorable Mediterranean climate and enviable location enabled Izola to develop tourism in the second half of the 19th century. The city experienced a real boom after 1960, when the Belvedere tourist resort and Simon ... arrow

Confluence of Soca and Tolminka

Tolmin lies at the prominence of the rivers Tolminka and Soca. It is the natural centre of the Tolmin landscape. The confluence of Tolminka and Soca is located about 100 metres of the city Tolmin. The confluence is well known meeting place for young people, popular walking point for local people, concert place and many other. In the wooden cottage is a bar, where you can get juice or beer and enjoy in wo ... arrow

Star maln

Star Maln is located near Vrhnika in Bela Valley. At the beginning of the century stood here the old mill and after that the place got the name Star maln. It is a popular place for pleasure trips, which attracts many locals and other visitors. We can come to Star Maln with a car, leave it in the parking place and then walk few meters. You can also leave a car at the beginning of the path and walk on ma ... arrow

Strunjan - Bele skale (beach)

Bele Skale (Beach) is a coastal bathing area that is part of the Strunjan Landscape Park. The popular bathing areas are also nearby, such as a smaller bathing area with a pier, below the Belvedere tourist resort, Simon Bay area, Moon Bay, Strunjan beach and more. The area of the Strunjan Landscape Park covers the whole of the Strunjan Peninsula, from the Simon Bay to the mouth of the Strunjan creek, in ... arrow

Strunjan - Beach (Bathing Area Talaso)

Strunjan is a coastal settlement located between Piran and Izola in the Municipality of Piran. It is less developed in tourism than nearby Portorož. It is especially intended for those who want a peaceful break. It covers small villages of Marcane, Karbonar, Ronek, Sv. Duh and Pretski Gric. At the end of the Gulf of Strunjan are the Strunjan salt pans and the Stjuza sea lagoon is nearby. Residents are ... arrow

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