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Slovenia is a European country between Alpes, Adriatic Sea and Pannonian Basin.

Parks, arboretums, gardensParks, arboretums, gardens

Parks, arboretums, gardens
Source: Public information of Slovenia,
The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia,
State map in measure 1 : 1.000.000, 1995

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Ljubljana - The Tivoli Park

Tivoli Park is the most beautiful and largest park in Slovenia's capital town, Ljubljana. It covers about 5 km2 and extends to the centre of the city. In the park people can walk, run, admire the nature and relax in the green environment. Together with Sisenski hrib Hill and Roznik it forms a landscape park. The city park was created by joining together the parks which had surrounded Cekin and Podturn ... arrow

Maribor - Three Ponds

The three ponds are situated north of Maribor near the city park. In the past the ponds were water reserves that supplied the town's defense moat. Today are the three ponds artificially made lakes, which are filled up with water from the nearest brooks. It also exist the fourth pond from which flow two canals and fill up the first, second and third lake. The first pond has fountain and in the second is t ... arrow

Arboretum Volcji Potok

Volcji Potok Arboretum is located near Kamnik. The word arboretum means the collection of the trees and bushes, which is designed for education and researching. In the base the Arboretum is the botanic garden for woody plants and it is the only one in Slovenia. In the earlier centuries was the mansion property, but from the year 1882 was in the property of the Ferdinand Souvan and later of his son. He ar ... arrow


Bistra - Park

Technical Museum of Slovenia, Chateau Bistra is situated in the former monastery and later cahteau area of Bistra. Bistra is located in the nearness of Ljubljana, between Vrhnika and Borovnica. The museum is housed in 6000 square metre of area. In the museum they have permanent collections from the fields of water drive, forestry, wood processing, hunting, fishing, electrical engineering, textile enginee ... arrow

Bled - Spa Park

Bled belongs between the most beautiful places in Slovenia. Through all the year round is visited by many local and foreign tourists, because it is wonderful in every time of the year. The Spa Park is located in the immediate nearness of the Hotel Jelovica Bled. The Spa Park was created around 1891 when Spa Home was built. Gardeners Matevz and Joza Cop, who designed it, were influenced by Swedish landsca ... arrow

Bohinjska Bistrica - Ceconi

Bohinjska Bistrica is the largest village in the Bohinj valley and seat of the community. It is situated between hills Ajdovski gradec and Dobrava and between brooks Bistrica and Belica. In Bohinjska Bistrica are railway tunnel, sports hall, open playground for tennis, football playground, elementary school, bus station, museum, restaurants, shops, private hotels, hotel, health service, local office, tou ... arrow

Botanic garden Pivola

Botanical garden Pivola is located in Hoce near the city of Maribor. It is the part of University of Maribor, Faculty of Agriculture and life sciences, which became its user in the year 1994. From the year 2000 to 2001 was made a great amount of work at the garden, which was at beginning just the agriculture property. Botanical garden shows the native and foreign flora, especially some floral rarities of ... arrow

Celje - City Park

Celje is the third largest town in Slovenia. It is situated at the confluence of the river Voglajna and river Savinja. The City Park is located on the right bank of the river Savinja. We can come to the park across the bridge over river Savinja from the old town centre. Next to the City Park is a parking place. In the park are promenades and we can take rest on the benches and enjoy in the beautiful surr ... arrow

Castle Park Mokrice

Mokrice is the place, which is the most famous by its castle with the extensive golf playground and castle park. The Mokrice castle is in historical sources first mentioned in the year 1444. In the Roman times was here strongholh, which was called Romula and under it was the settlement with the same name. In the Renaissance period the primary medieval tower was expanded with four tracts, which today encl ... arrow

Izola - Park Pietro Coppo

Izola is a lively Mediterranean town located on the coast between Piran and Izola. It is one of the most important cities in Slovenian Istria with well-developed craft and economic activity. In addition to its historical and cultural features, Izola is also distinguished by its varied cuisine. Being a fishing town, it is in the first place a rich choice of delicacies offered by the sea. The favorable M ... arrow

Koper - Hlavaty Park

Koper is an interesting seaside town, which, along with the older cities of Ankaran, Izola, Piran and Portoroz, extends over the 47 km long Slovenian coast. The city has two official languages, Slovenian and Italian. Near the town is the Skocjanski zatok Nature Reserve. Koper is the administrative center of the Municipality of Koper. The climate is sub-Mediterranean, characterized by hot and long summe ... arrow

Kranjska Gora - Park with sculptures

Kranjska Gora is a well-known sports and tourist center that attracts many local and foreign visitors throughout the year. The story of the place goes back to the second half of the 14th century, when the inhabitants began to clear forests and turn them into pastures for cattle and sheep and agricultural centers. It became strategically important during First World War, when Russian prisoners made a mi ... arrow

Lendava - Town Park

Lendava is the most eastern city in Slovenia. It lies under the picturesque Lendavske gorice along the Lendava River, near the border with Hungary. Lendava became a square in the 14th century and as a parish was mentioned in the year 1334. The settlement was over the time affected by many earthquakes and in the year 1838 by a huge fire. Lendava became a town in the year 1867. The Evangelical parish was f ... arrow

Ljubljana - Miklosicev Park

Ljubljana is the picturesque capital town of Slovenia. It is known as a cosy small town that attracts many tourists. It is administrative, political, cultural, economic, educational and scientific center of Slovenia. Ljubljana is known for its varied historical past, which is visible at every step. Town has an interesting old part, through which the Ljubljanica River goes, giving it an additional attra ... arrow

Maribor - City Park

City Park in Maribor is a place of peace and relaxation after the city hustle and bustle. It is situated north of the town centre. The design of the park has a medieval basis. In the year 1879 the City Park was finally reformed and split into several parts, which are City Park, Calvary, Three ponds and Pyramid Hill. Despite later changes the City Park preserved the quality of the original historical desi ... arrow

Murska Sobota - City Park

Murska Sobota is the biggest town of Pomurje. It is the administrative, economical, cultural, educational and health centre of the Pomurje region. You can teach yourself about the history of the town in the Regional Museum, which is situated in the castle of Murska Sobota. Round the renaissance manor is the extensive English park, which has the typical grassy patchs and is called the City park. The park ... arrow

Park Pisece

Pisece is a larger and cloddy settlement, which is situated on the south slope of Orlica on the east border of Slovenia in Posotelj. The buildings are adapted to the steep position by the slopes. The kernel is by the village road under the church of saint Michael. In the village core the old school, inn, blacksmith's museum and shop. Pisece Castle lies on the west side by the village. It stands inside th ... arrow

Polhov Gradec Mansion - Mansion Park

Polhov Gradec Mansion is situated in the village Polhov Gradec. It lies between Polhograjska Gora and Kalvarija and it is a little bit far of from the old village centre. In front of the mansion is a wonderful park with a hundred years old lime tree and the Neptun fountain with colums with nymphs from the year 1696. The mansion complex also has an English tower with clock, mansion farm, stables, mansion ... arrow

Portoroz - Rastelli Park

Rastelli Park is located in Portorož, which is one of the largest tourist destinations in Slovenia and the most important tourist destination on the Slovenian coast. Rastelli's park was renovated in the second half of the 19th century when spa tourism began to thrive in Portorož. Mr Rastelli owned the park at the time. The beginnings of health tourism in Portoroz are attributed to patri Benedictines, w ... arrow


Preseren grove was in 1952 reorganized by plans of architect Marjan Sorli from previously abandoned city Kranj cemetery. Grove is in the property of community Kranj. Renovation was going under the expertise of Institute for protection cultural heritage. The area is designed as grove because of historical part and piety. It is a place for rest, meditation and cultural inspiration. Paving stone footpaths a ... arrow

Seca - Garden of cacti

The Garden of cacti is situated in Seca near Portoroz. You can come to the garden by walking from the Camp Fiesa or in the main road from Portoroz. The Garden of cacti is located by the road and you will see the direction table for garden. Before the Garden of cacti is the parking place. In the time of my visit I had to pay one euro entrance fee. The Garden of cacti is extending over one large covered pl ... arrow

Sezana - The Botanic Gardens of Sezana

The botanic gardens of Sezana are situated in the north – eastern part of the town. Sezana has been the administrative centre of the Upper Carst since 1848, and was a commercial and traffic centre already before the date. The trader family Scaramanga from Trieste was so enthusiastic about the location and the significance of the town that it build a summer residence. In the period between 1848 and 1880 ... arrow

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