Slovenia - Blejsko jezero


Slovenia is a European country between Alpes, Adriatic Sea and Pannonian Basin.

Monasteries, abbeysMonasteries, abbeys

Monasteries, abbeys
Source: Public information of Slovenia,
The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia,
State map in measure 1 : 1.000.000, 1995

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Bistra - Carthusian Monastery (Charterhouse)

The Carthusian Monastery Bistra is situated in Vrhnika Commune in the southwestern border of the Ljubljana swamp. The beginnings of the monastery go to the year 1220, when the Carinthia duke Bernard Spanheimski invited to Kranjska the first Carthusian monks. Bistra was one of the fourth Carthusian Monasteries in Slovenia. Beside Bistra were also Zicka Carthusian, Pleterje Carthusian and Jurkloster Carthu ... arrow

Sticna Abbey

Sticna Abbey is situated among Dolenjska hills. Among the rare working cloisters is the only one, which belongs to Cistercian monks. The Cistercian order originates to the year 1098 to Burgundija in France. It got the name by the place called Citeaux. The founders were three saints, which were the benedictine monks from the monastery in Molesme. The Sticna Abbey is today the important cultural and religi ... arrow


Celje - St. Cecilia

The St. Cecilia's Church and Capuchin monastery are situated on the right bank of the river Savinja. They lie on the smaller hill and the easiest way to access them is by 90 covered stairs. Stairs were made in the year 1826 and renovated in the year 1972. From here is a nice view to the old town centre and to the park on the left bank of the river Savinja. Capuchin monks belong among the youngest branch ... arrow

Koper - Kidric Street

Kidric Street in the Old Town of Koper is littered with many interesting buildings such as the Church of the Holy Trinity, Saint Nicholas Church, Tacco Palace, House with a wooden balcony, Servite Monastery and Totto ex Gavardo Palace. The church of St. Nicholas was built in 1594. It was attended mainly by sailors with families, to whom St. Nicholas the patron saint was. Inside the church we can see a on ... arrow

Maribor - Lent

Lent is a beautiful old part of Maribor along the Drava River. It is the oldest part of the city that becomes most vibrant in the summer when the international multicultural Festival Lent takes place. The Drava embankment is full of top cultural events and entertainment at that time. Numerous cafes, bars and restaurants invite you to sit down with excellent hospitality. The most important sights on Len ... arrow

Piran - Bolniska ulica (Bolniska Street)

Piran is a beautiful seaside town that attracts many visitors throughout the year. In Bolniska Street you can see the Minorite monastery of St. Francis, Minorite Church of St. Francis, Church of Mary of the Snow, Gallery Marko Jezernik and many other interesting buildings. The monastery of Saint Francis was founded around 1301. The original monastery was built in the Gothic style and on the ground floo ... arrow

Ptuj - Minoritski trg (Minorite Square)

Minorite Square was named the Beef Square in the Middle Ages, because they leaded the cattle to the River Drava from here. From the year 1959, when it was built the new bridge over the river, goes from here to the town one of the main roads. On the Minorite Square is the Mary’s Pillar, which was erected by the count Georg Friedrich Sauer in the thanks for the victory above Turks. After many famous victor ... arrow

Sv. Trojica v Slov. goricah - Church and Monastery

On the side of an old chapel the first church was built between 1636 and 1643. A bell from 1666, the bell-tower and a part of the nave, now exhibited in the presbytery, are the only remains of the original church. In 1663 the church was taken over by the Augustinian friars from Radgona. With the help of castellan Traumansdorf from Negova they had a monastery built along the southern part of the church wh ... arrow

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