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Slovenia is a European country between Alpes, Adriatic Sea and Pannonian Basin.

The Old Town CentresThe Old Town Centres

The Old Town Centres
Source: Public information of Slovenia,
The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia,
State map in measure 1 : 1.000.000, 1995

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Koper - Old Town Centre

The old city centre has many important buildings. Among them are Carpaccio square with Taverna, Saint Justina’s column and fountain, fountain Da Ponte, the Muda Gate, Praetorian Palace (Pretorijska palača), cathedral and the defence tower, square Brolo with the park, Fontico with the heraldic decoration, Palace Tarsia, Palace Almerigogna, Palace De Belli, the Rotunda of the Assumption. Carpaccio Square i ... arrow

Ljubljana - Preseren Square

The Preseren Square is one of the most beautiful markets in Ljubljana, which is especially popular by Ljubljana residents. It is known for its red Franciscan church of the Annunciation, the beautiful Plecnik Bridge - the Triple Bridge and the Preseren Monument. The market is lively, there are many bars and shops here. The market was first called the Animal Market, later it was named after the church Ma ... arrow


Piran is an old port town in Slovenian Istra. The town is bilingual, Italian and Slovenian. The Italian name for the city is Pirano. It is situated at the cape of the Piran peninsula. Piran has kept its medieval appearance with narrow streets and closely built houses, which gives it a typical Mediterranean character and a special charm. On a hill above the houses, the church of Saint George is situated ... arrow

Skofja Loka - Old Town Centre

Skofja Loka has the best preserved old city center in Slovenia. This center is bordered by rocky terraces that were shaped by the Sora Rivers. Since the Middle Ages, the old city has consisted of two squares: the city square or “Plac” and the lower square, the “Longtrg”. There are many interesting buildings, like the Nuns’ church, the rocky Capuchin bridge, Homan’s house, and the town school. Other int ... arrow


Brezice - Old Town Centre

Brežice is a town with interesting old centre. We can see the Castle Brezice, where is the museum, Castle granary, Music school Brezice, old pharmacy, the house of family Del Cott, Town Hall – Rotovz, Parish Church of St. Laurence in Brezice, Aqueduct tower and many other. The museum is open for tourist visits. Permanent collections are the ethnological collection, an archaeological collection, a rebelli ... arrow

Celje - Old Town Centre

Celje is the third largest city in Slovenia. The remains of a material culture histrically bear witness to wealthy and stormy centuries. In Roman times Celje was named Claudia Celeia and it was a rather strong and wealthy town. When people migrated, Celje was ruined. In the Middle Ages it is mentioned again in the year 1125, but its its unpredictable success reached its zenith in the 14th and 15th centur ... arrow

Crnomelj - Old Town Centre

Crnomelj is the central and the biggest town in Bela krajina. It lies high under the confluence of the river Lahinja and at the affluent of the river Doblicica. Crnomelj was settled since the older Iron Age. The city has because of its geographical position, beside the main road, only two parallel streets. This has changed only a little with the years. Crnomelj is first mentioned in the year 1228 with th ... arrow

Idrija - Old Town Centre

In the old town centre we can see the St. Ahacij Square with the baroque fountain, where was discovered rich mercury ore, mining theatre and mining magazine, Town Hall and Lace School Idrija in the Town Square, Franciska's Shaft, Church of the Holy Trinity, first Secondary School, Scopoli's House, who was the first Idrija's medicine doctor, Miner's House, chapel, public aquarium and much more. Old town c ... arrow

Izola - Old Town Centre

Izola is a littoral town, which has interesting old city centre. It includes Manziolijev trg with neighbourhood, Soncno nabrezje, Trg padlih za svobodo with neighbourhood, Trg republike with neighbourhood, Trg svetega Mavra with neighbourhood, Veliki trg with neighbourhood, Ulica Alme Vivoda with neighbourhood and other. Izola hides many wonderful things. You can see the Italian elementary school Dante A ... arrow

Kamnik - Old Town Centre

Kamnik has an interesting old town centre. The central part of the old town centre is the Mali grad (Small Castle) around which are situated the following squares and streets: Glavni trg, Samostanska ulica, Sutna, Sadnikarjeva ulica, Trg svobode, Prešernova ulica, Maistrova ulica, Franciskanski trg etc. On the Glavni trg are situated the Gallery of Miha Males, Tourist information centre, the Coffeehouse ... arrow

Kranjska Gora - Old Town Centre

Despite its tourist development, Kranjska Gora has preserved the old layout of the village. Most of the old houses, farm buildings of the Carinthian type, were also modernized. In the old town center you can see the Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, the Liznjek House, the birthplace of Joseph Vandot and others. In the area of today's church there used to be another church called Mary on the White ... arrow

Maribor - Old Town Centre

Maribor is the centre of Stajerska Region and the second largest Slovenian town. It has varied historical past. As the city was first mentioned in the year 1254. Already one year later the local people began to built two kilometres long town walls, which limited the old city kernel. The walls were additional strengthen with defensive towers, which are Judgement (Port) Tower, Celigij Tower and Water Tower ... arrow

Most na Soci - Old Town Centre

The village Most na Soci is situated in the Municipality Tolmin. It lies in the confluence of the Idrijca and Soca river. Till the year 1952 the place was called Saint Lucia. The place Most na Soca is very well – known by the wonderful artificial lake for the hydroelectric station Doblar. The lake just invites you to go for a walk and to enjoy in the beautiful surroundings. You can also drive with the to ... arrow



Polhov Gradec - Old Village Centre

Polhov Gradec has an interesting old village centre. We can see cultural remarkableness as are Ostetar house, Curacy, street Usrana gasa, house Pri peku, Sever house, inn Gostilna pri Pratkarju, the Culture home of Jakob Trobec, monument for the National Liberation War, church of the Birth of Mary and other. The old village centre is mostly serried round the Church of the Birth of Mary, which was built i ... arrow

Ptuj - Old Town Centre

Ptuj has a beautiful and interesting old town centre. Above the city is proudly raising a Ptuj Castle in which is today a museum. In the old town centre we can see the Minorite Square, Slovenian Square, City Square, Drava Street and other. In Slovenian Square is the St. George Church, Orpheu' s Monument and other. In this part is also the Hotel Mitra, which is famous by thematic furnished rooms in five s ... arrow


Smartno is one of the most beautiful villages in the centre of Goriska brda. It was built on the remains of the Roman stronghold. In written sources was first mentioned in 1317. The walls with towers were built for defence against Turkish invasions in the first half of the 16th century. Sometimes had had possessions here the Counts of Gorizia, but after death of last one the Goricko Region inherited the ... arrow

Trzic - Old Town Centre

Tržič is the city, which is situated in the confluence of Bistrica and Mošenik. In the year 1492 has emperor Friderik III. raised Tržič from village to square. From the year 1985 the city is secured like cultural monument. In the year 1811 was destroyed in the fire more than 200 houses and workshops. From then have under renovation gave an order that has determined special regulation for obligatory placi ... arrow

Vipavski Kriz

The Vipavski Kriz is a picturesque village situated on a hill in the middle of the Vipava Valley. The Kriz is one of the most valuable and important monuments of cultural heritage, which is also under monumental protection. The original prehistoric settlement was first mentioned in written sources in 1252, and the place flourished after 1532, when it got city rights. It was encircled by the walls of the ... arrow


Vrhnika is a town, which is a centre of Municipality of Vrhnika. It is located by the old road from Ljubljana to Postojna. It lies on the slopes of Pokojnik plateau and on the western side of Ljubljansko swamp. The beginning and development of the city is connected with ships and traffic on the Ljubljanica River, which springs here on several places. Vrhnika is also situated on area, where is the shortes ... arrow

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