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Upper Carniola

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Triglav National ParkTriglav National Park

The Triglav National Park is situated in the northwestern part of Slovenia, just by the Italian border and close to the Austrian border. Its territory is almost the same with that occupied by the Eastern Julian Alps. The Triglav National Park is the only national park in Slovenia. The park was named after Triglav, which is the highest mountain in Slovenia (2864 m). The lowest surface point in the national park is in the Tolmin Gorge (180 m).
The Triglav National Park covers 880 square kilometres, which is 3 % of the territory of Slovenia. The park is among the earliest European parks, the first protection goes back to the year 1924 when the Alpine Conservation Park was founded. The main task of the Triglav National Park Public Institution is the protection of the beautiful park, but it also carries out research and specialist tasks.
In the Triglav National Park is the largest lake named Bohinj Lake, which also the largest permanent lake in Slovenia. The Triglav National Park offers visitors amazing natural beauty and cultural heritage, where it is recommended to visit the following places: Bohinj with the lake, Vintgar Gorge, the highest Slovenian mountain pass Vrsic, Vrata Valley with the Pericnik Waterfall, Trenta Valley with the emerald Soca River, Tolmin Gorge and many other places of pristine beauty.
As a starting point to the Triglav National Park are recommended accommodations in the following towns: Bled, Bohinj, Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana, Bovec etc., where are hotels, apartments, private rooms, campsites and the mountain huts at the walking paths. In Kranjska Gora visitors can enjoy in the Hotel Larix, Grand Hotel Prisank, Penzion Livada and a great many apartments. In Bohinj are available the Hotel Center, Hotel Jezero, Pension Bohinj, Hostel Bohinj, Hotel Bohinj Park and others. Besides the Bohinj Lake is also a Zlatorog Camp. In Bled are available the Grand Hotel Toplice with five stars, Hotel Park, Hotel Kompas, Bled Backpackers Hostel, ACE Apartments Bled, Aparthostel Tina and others. In Bovec visitors can enjoy in the Hotel Alp, Hotel Kanin, Hotel Mangart, Adrenaline-Check Open Air Hostel Soca, Apartments Kaninska Vas, Penzion Boka and many others.

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Pericnik Waterfall

The Pericnik Waterfall is one of the most well known waterfalls in Slovenia. It consists of the Upper and Lower waterfall. The Upper waterfall is high about 16 meters and the Lower waterfall is high about 52 meters. The maximum water flow is in autumn and in spring time. In winter time both waterfalls turn into innumerable floes and icicles in delicate shades of green and blue. Near the waterfall is a mo ... arrow

Vintgar Gorge

The Vintgar Gorge is situated in the road from the Bled over Spodnje Gorje, Podhom and the small village Vintgar. We can park car before the gorge, there is a big parking place. The Blejski Vintgar Gorge is open from the end of the April till the end of October but it depends on the weather situation. The gorge is open from eight to seven in the afternoon. It was discovered in the year 1891 by photograph ... arrow


Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia and the central part of Triglav National Park. Triglav is 2864 metres high and is located in the Julian Alps. It is a symbol of Slovenia and we can see it in the Slovenian arms. The first one who climbed to the mountain in the year 1778 were Luka Korosec, Stefan Rozic, Matevz Kos and Lovrenc Willomitzer from Bohinj, where we also can see their monument. In the ... arrow


Church of the Holy Spirit

The Church of the Holy Spirit is situated on the southern side of the Bohinj Lake, close to the main road Ribcev Laz – Ukanc. The Church of the Holy Spirit was built in the year 1743 in the baroque style. It is 16 metres long and 8 metres wide. The choir is built of stones and the bell tower was constructed in the same year as the church. Both, the church and the bell tower have a shingle roof. The whole ... arrow

Vrata Valley

Vrata (which means Door) is a glacier valley cut in at the base of the majestic Triglav North Face. Even with our feet firmly on the flat gravel terrain, just looking up towards the sky and the mighty summit of Triglav can make one dizzy. The skypiercing summits of Cmir, Triglav, Bovski Gamsovec, Stenar, Dolkova Spica, Skrlatica, Rokavi, Dovski kriz, Skrnatarica and Kukova spica tower above Vrata like se ... arrow

Dom na Komni and Koca pod Bogatinom Mountain Hut

Dom na Komni Mountain Hut (1520 metres) is situated in the eastern edge of plateau Komna, which is sweeping steeply into the Bohinj valley. You can expect for about 2 hours and 15 minutes walking. The best way is that we leave the car in the parking place by Home Savica. The signpost leads us ahead to the road. In the right side we will see log cabin, which is a starting-point for the visit of Savica Wat ... arrow

Dom Planika pod Triglavom Mountain Hut

Dom Planika pod Triglavom (2401) Mountain Hut is situated in the southern side of Triglav. It lies on the high plateau Ledine in Julian Alps. The first hut was built in the year 1871, but it fell in ruins some years later. It was named Triglav tempelj (Triglav temple). In the year 1877 they built the new hut and renovated it three years later. In the year 1911 they opened beside the hut the new hut calle ... arrow

Mostnica Gorge

The Mostnica Gorge is situated in the Alpine valley Voje, which lies northeast of the Lake Bohinj near the village Stara Fuzina. The river beds are approximately two kilometre long gorge, which was excavated by the brook Mostnica. The Mostnica Gorge is on some places very narrow, only one metre. The most deep is by the Devil's Bridge, about 20 metres. The Devil's Bridge was built in the year 1777 by baro ... arrow

Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is the largest town and center of the Upper Sava Valley. It is an important mountain tourist destination and a world-renowned winter sports center, mainly because of the annual Vitranc Alpine Skiing World Cup competitions. It is also known for its ski flights and ski jumps in the Planica Valley. The history of Kranjska Gora began in the middle of the 14th century, when they started defore ... arrow

Ribcev Laz

Ribcev Laz is a village in the Bohinj municipality. It is situated in the eastern part of Bohinj and represents the centre of the happening and the most known image of Bohinj. The inhabitants were primary farmers, but today is the main income from tourism. During First World War was the transitional zone between battlefield and hinterland. In Ribcev Laz are the greatest remarkablenesses the John the Bapt ... arrow

Ribcev Laz - John the Baptist

John the Baptist's Church is situated in Ribcev Laz. It is one of the largest remarkablenesses of the place, beside the monument to four courageous men, which was erected in 1987 and the statue of Goldenhorn. It lies by the Lake Bohinj and is together with the bridge the wonderful image of Bohinj. Beside the church is a smaller parking place. The John the Baptist's Church was already made before the year ... arrow

Ribcev Laz - Monument to four courageous men

Ribcev Laz is a village in the Bohinj municipality. It is situated in the eastern part of Bohinj and represents the centre of the happening and the most known image of Bohinj. The inhabitants were primary farmers, but today is the main income from tourism. During First World War was the transitional zone between battlefield and hinterland. In Ribcev Laz are the greatest remarkablenesses the John the Bapt ... arrow

Mostnice Waterfall

At the end of the Voje valley are situated three waterfalls of Mostnica, which are falling over the interesting limy wall. If we also want to see the Mostnica Gorge it is best that we start the way from the parking place in the village Stara Fuzina. We can shorten the walk, if we park by the Planinska koca na Vojah Mountain Hut. The marked path leads us from here through all the Voje valley. The easy wal ... arrow

Savica Waterfall

The Savica Waterfall is a wonderful waterfall in Bohinj valley. The best way to come to the waterfall is from the parking place by Koca pri Savici and Home Savica. We come there from Ukanc. Passing the Home Savica we follow the information sighns to the stony bridge over the Mala (Little) Savica. Here we pay in the wooden cottage contribution for maintenance of the road and we can also buy souvenirs. Aft ... arrow

Ukanc - Brook Savica

Ukanc is a village in the Bohinj municipality. It is situated in the western side of the Bohinj Lake. In this part are Bohinj – Zlatorog Camp and pier for tourist boat, Hotel Zlatorog, Villa Zlatorog, holiday cottages, pizzeria and spaghetteria, the 1st World War Military Cemetery, the cable car to Vogel and other. Around the Bohinj Lake are many footpaths. In this part is the bridge over the brook Savic ... arrow

Ukanc - 1st World War Military Cemetery

During the 1st World War was Bohinj the transitional zone between battlefield and hinterland. It was the rallying point for soldiers, training and resting place for sick and wounded. In Bohinj were three military cemeteries, from which are now maintained the cemeteries on Rebro and in Ukanc. The cemetery in Ukanc is situated by the road Zlatorog – Savica, near the lower station of cable car for Vogel. In ... arrow


Visevnik (2050) is a mountain in Pokljuka plateau. It is one of the highest peaks in crest which separates Pokljuka plateau from valley Krma. Steep slope lasts two hours and we make 700 metre height about sea level, so that mountain sticks and good boots want be superfluous. It is the best that we park car near barracks in Rudno field in Pokljuka, from where we arrive from Bled, it is about 20 kilometres ... arrow


Vogel is situated in Bohinj Commune. It lies in the southeast of the Julian Alps. It is a ski slope in the region of Triglav National Park. Contemporary cable railway in the Ukanc takes us to the 1537 heigh above sea level. From restaurant Viharnik, which is just near getting out of the cable railway, it is a wonderful panorama view to the Bohinj valley. They have pizza and other food. Here is also a fam ... arrow


Voje is the Alpine valley, which is situated in the Triglav National Park. We can come to the valley from the village Stara Fuzina in Bohinj. We can drive with the car only to the Planinska koca na Vojah Mountain Hut and then we have to walk. We can aslo leave the car on the parking place by the village Stara Fuzina. Through the Voje valley flows the mountain brook Mostnica and goes the forest road, whic ... arrow


Mountain pass Vrsic (1611 m) is the highest road passing in the Eastern Julian Alps. The pass is connecting Savska and Soska dolina or Gorenjska Region with Trenta. Vrsic is considerable part of the year closed because of the snow. The road was built by Russian prisoners between First World War. At that time Vrsic was strategically important, because it made the Austrian army the easier access to the Sos ... arrow

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