Slovenia - Blejsko jezero


Slovenia is a European country between Alpes, Adriatic Sea and Pannonian Basin.

World War I Military CemeteriesWorld War I Military Cemeteries

World War I Military Cemeteries
Source: Public information of Slovenia,
The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia,
State map in measure 1 : 1.000.000, 1995
Bohinjska Bistrica - 1st World War Military Cemetery

Bohinjska Bistrica is the largest village in the Bohinj valley and seat of the community. It is situated between hills Ajdovski gradec and Dobrava and between brooks Bistrica and Belica. The village divides road from the railway station to the Lower and Upper village. In Bohinjska Bistrica are railway tunnel, sports hall, open playground for tennis, football playground, elementary school, bus station, mu ... arrow

Log pod Mangartom - 1st World War Military Cemetery

The military cemetery of the fallen soldiers in the World War I is marked with the table and is situated near main road to Log pod Mangrtom. Near the cemetery is a small chapel. At the World War I Military Cemetery is in four terraces buried 859 Austo – Hungarian soldiers, fallen in the fights in Rombon and Cukel. In the middle of the of the cemetery is erected the monument of the fallen soldiers with th ... arrow

German Charnel House

The German Charnel House near Tolmin is situated on the left bank of the Soca River. It is in the immediate neighbourhood of the city Tolmin, about one kilometer past the school and across the parking lot of the former casino. The ossuary means building or place for preserving bones from the dig up graves. The German Charnel House was built by the company from Munich in the year 1938. There was buried 96 ... arrow

Ukanc - 1st World War Military Cemetery

During the 1st World War was Bohinj the transitional zone between battlefield and hinterland. It was the rallying point for soldiers, training and resting place for sick and wounded. In Bohinj were three military cemeteries, from which are now maintained the cemeteries on Rebro and in Ukanc. The cemetery in Ukanc is situated by the road Zlatorog – Savica, near the lower station of cable car for Vogel. In ... arrow

Vrsic - Russian Chapel

At an altitude of 1611 metres, the mountain pass at Vrsic is the highest in the eastern Julian Alps and provides a link between the Savska and the Soska valleys. We can have a relaxing cub of tea or even stay the night at the Ticarjev mountain hut, which is located at the top of the pass. There are five mountain huts on Vrsic offering refreshment and rest. Just off the main road winding up Vrsic, at an ... arrow

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