Dovzan Gorge - Big Tunnel - Veliki predor
Upper CarniolaDovzan Gorge - Big Tunnel

Dovzan Gorge - Big Tunnel

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Dovzan Gorge

Gorge Dovzan is situated north from town Trzic. Torrential river Trziska Bistrica excavate it to old earthly stratum. River flows over cascade of immense rounded blocks white flintstone conglomerate. Gorge Dovzan is one of central points in Slovenian geological transverzal. It is protected as natural monument because of its unique location of remains fossilizied life plants and animals in stoneware old earthly century Palaeozoic. The oldest and the biggest founded samples of fossils are old around 270 million years. In this place were first founded and described numerous species of special fossils. Part...

Tominec Waterfall

Tominec waterfall is located in the road from the Trzic to the frontier Ljubelj. You turn in Podljubelj to the second road bridge to the right, over the bridge and straight over the macadam. You can live your car near the road bridge, where is also the signpost for the camp Ljubelj or you can drive to the waterfall about one kilometre. There is enough parking place by the sharp left turning. From there is to the waterfall only 50 metres. The road is marked with the board. The narrow foothpath goes after the left side of the White brook. After two minutes walking to the smaller steep slope you will come ...


Zelenica is located in the left side of the former boundary frontier Ljubelj. You can leave car in the larger parking place under the lower station of the ski slope Zelenica. At weekends it can be crowded, so it is better if you come in the early morning hours. The ski centre Zelenica attracts many visitors, because the ski lines are good for experienced skiers and also for the ones who are just beginners. It represents the central point for the downhill ski from Vrtaca, Stol, Begunjscica and Suho rusevje. In Zelenica they also have ski school, where you can learn to ski in Alpine style or snowboarding....

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