Top 5 - What to see in Slovenia

Slovenia has a lot of beautiful places worth of visit. On this page you can see 5 the most beautiful places for each of thematic pages by our selection. If you click on the title of the thematic page (for example The Most Beautiful Places) you will get the list of all places that we selected for this thematic page. If you click on any place/town (for example Piran) you will get site about this place/town with photos, description, map, etc.

The most beautiful places


Natural Sights/Attractions



Gorges, canyons, river beds (troughs)


Lakes, ponds


Natural baths, beaches


Parks, arboretums, gardens


Sources, springs


Triglav National Park




Cultural-Historical Sights/Attractions

Castles, manors, towers, forts, fortifications


Monasteries, abbeys


Monuments, statues, signs


Museums, galleries, exhibitions


The biggest cities in Slovenia


The Old Town Centres


Town Halls



Places for wedding


Ski slopes