Slovenia - Blejsko jezero


Slovenia is a European country between Alpes, Adriatic Sea and Pannonian Basin.

Monuments, statues, signsMonuments, statues, signs

Monuments, statues, signs
Source: Public information of Slovenia,
The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia,
State map in measure 1 : 1.000.000, 1995

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Maribor - Trg svobode (Liberty Square)

Trg Svobode (Liberty Square) is the place in Maribor, where something always is happening. There are many shows like parties, meetings, performances, fairs and many other. In the summer time you can enjoy under the sunshine, chating and coffee. In this part is the most powerful the bronze monument for the National Liberation War. It was made in the year 1975 and it is the work of the Slavko Tihec. In the ... arrow

Ribcev Laz - Monument to four courageous men

Ribcev Laz is a village in the Bohinj municipality. It is situated in the eastern part of Bohinj and represents the centre of the happening and the most known image of Bohinj. The inhabitants were primary farmers, but today is the main income from tourism. During First World War was the transitional zone between battlefield and hinterland. In Ribcev Laz are the greatest remarkablenesses the John the Bapt ... arrow



Borovnica is a village which lies on the border of the Ljubljana swamp. The Borovnica Commune is situated on the region where they meet different landscapes. Behind the village Borovnica is beginning the Karst land. Borovnica is a starting point for wonderful trips to the Pekel gorge and to Rakitna. In former times the village was known by viaduct and railway line Dunaj – Trieste, which was the largest v ... arrow

Brdo pri Lukovici

Brdo pri Lukovici is a small settlement next to Lukovica in the eastern part of the Upper Carniola region. It was first mentioned in records under the German name Ekk in the 14th century. Brdo Castle was non existant in those days. What once used to be a small village later became home to clerks, noblemen and intellects. Today it is a monument to a rich history and a beautiful place for a day trip. Brd ... arrow


Brezje in Gorenjska is famous as a pilgrimage place of Slovenian Cristians. Brezje is visited across all year, but the main meeting is at the festival of Maria Pomagaj in 24 th of May. Brezje are situated in outstanding beauty of Slovenian land, because they lie in Gorenjska flat country under rich woods of Karavanke, Jelovica and Pokljuka under powerful Triglav. Brezje are first mentioned in 11th centur ... arrow

Dom na Komni and Koca pod Bogatinom Mountain Hut

Dom na Komni Mountain Hut (1520 metres) is situated in the eastern edge of plateau Komna, which is sweeping steeply into the Bohinj valley. You can expect for about 2 hours and 15 minutes walking. The best way is that we leave the car in the parking place by Home Savica. The signpost leads us ahead to the road. In the right side we will see log cabin, which is a starting-point for the visit of Savica Wat ... arrow

Drca - Monument for the National Liberation War

Monument for the National Liberation War is situated at the top of the hill Drca in Vrhnika. It is the powerful monument, which was made by the sculptor Boris Kalin and planed by architect Boris Kobe. It was erected in the year 1950 and it is made from stone. The easiest way to the monument is, if you go from the direction of Mocilnik, where you can also park the car. There are also other ways to the hil ... arrow

Concentration Camp Ljubelj (part of Mauthausen)

Concentration camp Ljubelj is located on the way to the former frontier Ljubelj. Labour camp Ljubelj is the only concentration camp, which was during the second world war in the region of Republic Slovenia. It was the subsidiary of the notorious camp Mauthausen in Austria. The concentration camp Ljubelj was operating from the year 1942 to 1945. About 1800 prisoners dug tunnel through Karavanke till the y ... arrow

Log pod Mangartom - 1st World War Military Cemetery

The military cemetery of the fallen soldiers in the World War I is marked with the table and is situated near main road to Log pod Mangrtom. Near the cemetery is a small chapel. At the World War I Military Cemetery is in four terraces buried 859 Austo – Hungarian soldiers, fallen in the fights in Rombon and Cukel. In the middle of the of the cemetery is erected the monument of the fallen soldiers with th ... arrow

Maribor - Trg generala Maistra (General Maister Square)

General Maister Square is named by the general Rudolf Maister (1874 – 1934), which was famous Slovenian poet, general and fighter for the northern border. Where the park and pavement part of the square meet a memorial was erected in the year 1987. At the memorial, which is the work of the sculptress Vlasta Zorko, was planted a linden tree on the occasion of the proclamation of Slovenia's independence in ... arrow

Town Hall - Hercules Statue

The City Hall, also called Rotovz or Magistrat, is the seat of the City of Ljubljana. It is located on Town Square, which, with its house, cathedral, diocesan mansion and fountain in the middle, is one of the most beautiful baroque ambiences in Central Europe. At the beginning of the 18th century, the baroque building was rebuilt from two older houses by Gregor Macek, according to the plans of Carl Mar ... arrow

Piran - Tartini Square

Piran is a wonderful old port town in Slovenian Istria. The city preserved the medieval plan with narrow streets and squeezed houses, which gives it the special charm. Tartini Square is the centre of Piran and the largest square. It got the name by the Giuseppe Tartini (1692 – 1770), the famous composer and violinist. The main square became in the end of the 13th century. The image, which has it today, g ... arrow


Preseren grove was in 1952 reorganized by plans of architect Marjan Sorli from previously abandoned city Kranj cemetery. Grove is in the property of community Kranj. Renovation was going under the expertise of Institute for protection cultural heritage. The area is designed as grove because of historical part and piety. It is a place for rest, meditation and cultural inspiration. Paving stone footpaths a ... arrow

Arboretum Volcji Potok

Volcji Potok Arboretum is located near Kamnik. The word arboretum means the collection of the trees and bushes, which is designed for education and researching. In the base the Arboretum is the botanic garden for woody plants and it is the only one in Slovenia. In the earlier centuries was the mansion property, but from the year 1882 was in the property of the Ferdinand Souvan and later of his son. He ar ... arrow

Vrhnika - Cankar

Vrhnika is situated near Ljubljana, the main city of Slovenia. Cankar's Square is in the centre of Vrhnika. It is named by the well-known writer, dramatist and poet Ivan Cankar, which was born here. In this part you can see the former court of justice and prisons, church of St. Lenart, Hotel Mantova, former Hotel By black eagle (Pri crnem orlu), Lavrencic House – Old post, Eleven school under bridge over ... arrow

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