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Soteska Manor and Hudicev turn - Hudičev turn z vrtnim paviljonom
Southeast SloveniaSoteska Manor and Hudicev turn

Soteska Manor and Hudicev turn 

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Soteska Manor and Hudicev turn

The Soteska Manor is located in the road between Novo mesto and Zuzemberk. Among the Second World War was destroyed by fire and today remained only the ruins. The manor was built in the years from 1664 to 1689 by count Jurij Ziga Gallenberg. The owner made the castle park designed in renaissance style with the garden pavilion, which has today the name Hudic turn. The building has the ground plan in the form of the fourfeathery clover. In the pavilion are partialy preserved the wall paintings. By opinion of the Janez Vajkard Valvasor, the manor was one of the most beautiful and prominent in the Kranjska ...

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