Radenci at Kolpa - Kanu Camp - Radenci ob Kolpi - Kanu kamp
Southeast SloveniaRadenci at Kolpa - Kanu Camp

Radenci at Kolpa - Kanu Camp

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Crnomelj - Old Town Centre

Crnomelj is the central and the biggest town in Bela krajina. It lies high under the confluence of the river Lahinja and at the affluent of the river Doblicica. Crnomelj was settled since the older Iron Age. The city has because of its geographical position, beside the main road, only two parallel streets. This has changed only a little with the years. Crnomelj is first mentioned in the year 1228 with the name Schirnomel. The city got town rights in the year 1407. Crnomelj was in the 15th century secured against Turks with the walls and they also dug out the moat. The important things to see in the old ...

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Stari Trg ob Kolpi
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Stari Trg ob Kolpi
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