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Celje - Old Town Centre

Celje is the third largest city in Slovenia. The remains of a material culture histrically bear witness to wealthy and stormy centuries. In Roman times Celje was named Claudia Celeia and it was a rather strong and wealthy town. When people migrated, Celje was ruined. In the Middle Ages it is mentioned again in the year 1125, but its its unpredictable success reached its zenith in the 14th and 15th century. At that time Celje was under the authority of the Celje Counts and it would become the head town of the extensive Central European-Balkan region. Celje received its town rights in the 1451 from Frider...

Smartinsko Lake

Smartinsko Lake is situated near the town Celje. It is attractive and popular excursion place for local people and tourists. The lake was made in the year 1970, when the barrier Loce was built in the brook Koprivnica. In that way was saved the danger that river Savinja would owerflow the the town Celje. Smartinsko Lake belongs to the largest artificial lakes in Slovenia. It measures 113 hectares in surface. Its fundamental task is to hold back the torrential waters. The bank of the lake measures about 10 kilometres and is very agitated. The lake and its nearby surroundings become over years tourist, spo...

Miklavski hrib (Nicholas Hill)

Miklavski hrib (Nicholas Hill) is situated on the right bank of the river Savinja. We can come to the 400 metres high hill from the direction of Polule or the road from the town Celje, which goes above the City Park. It is hard to miss the path to the top, because there are lots of information boards. In autumn months it is a lot of leaves on the footpaths, so we have to be more careful that we do not slip. On the top of the Miklavski hrib is the church of St. Nicholas and belvedere. The church was built around the year 1400 and had bigger renovations in the year 1617. In the year 1898 got the Gothic st...

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