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Jurcic Homestead - Literary collection

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Sticna Abbey

Sticna Abbey is situated among Dolenjska hills. Among the rare working cloisters is the only one, which belongs to Cistercian monks. The Cistercian order originates to the year 1098 to Burgundija in France. It got the name by the place called Citeaux. The founders were three saints, which were the benedictine monks from the monastery in Molesme. The Sticna Abbey is today the important cultural and religious memorial. It was established from the patriarch Peregrin I. At that time it also got lots of property. The monks Cistercians have beside prayers dedicated lots of their time to charity, work and econ...

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Znojile pri Krki
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Ivančna Gorica
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Ivančna Gorica
Ivančna Gorica
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