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Ljubno ob Savinji - General Maister Memorial Park - Ljubno ob Savinji - Park borcev za severno mejo
Carinthia - Savinja RegionLjubno ob Savinji - General Maister Memorial Park

Ljubno ob Savinji - General Maister Memorial Park

Where is General Maister Memorial Park?

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Menina Planina

Menina planina is the spacious and wooden plateau. It extends over 10 kilometres by length and 5 kilometres by width. The northern part is higher and is hanging to the south. The height is between 1200 and 1500 metres. Menina planina is part of the Kamnik-Savinjske Alps. It got the name by monks from the upper castle cloister, which part was in the past. Vivodnik (1508 metres) is the highest top of the plateau and is located about 15 minutes walking from the Hut in Menina planina. In the past Menina planina was the second largest chalet region in Kamnik mountains, straight away for Velika planina. Today...

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