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Most na Soci - Sculptures near lake

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Tolmin Gorge

Tolmin is the central point of the Tolmin landscape. It is situated on the balcony between rivers Tolminka and Soca. The city was between first world war, when in the nearness were taking place Soca fronts, very much demolished. In this place are the most remarkable river beds of Tolminka and Zadlascica. Tolmin river beds are the most southern entrance point to Triglav National Park, which is the only Slovenian national park. The road goes from Tolmin and one kilometre to Zatolmin. Tolmin gorge is the most important natural remarkableness. Tourist paths were built from the years 1953 to 1958. They go al...

Javorca-Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit

The most beautiful World War I monument is a wooden shrine that rises high above the Tolminka riverbed – the memorial church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca. The church in the walley of Polog was built by Austrian soldiers in 1916, to the design of the Austrian architect Remgius Geyling. The outside of the church is decorated with stylised coats-of-arms of all the monarchies and lands of Austria-Hungary. The interior is classic art nouveau, adorned with colourful decorations. The idea of a memorial church is communicated through engraved oak plaques bearing the names of all the Austro-Hungarian soldiers...

The Tolminka River Valley

The Tolminka River Valley extends north of the city Tolmin, which is the largest settlement in the Upper Soča Valley, close to the border with Italy. The old town gave its name to the entire Tolmin area as its cultural, administrative and economic centre. The Tolminka river bubbles to the surface in a delta-shaped karstic spring from beneath the mountains of Tolmin – Tolminski Migovec, Tolminski Kuk, Mahavšček and Rdeči rob. In its short, 10 km long stream the river flows through a glacial mountain valley and then cuts deeply in the wild throughs. In the past, many mills were set up along its tributar...

Confluence of Soca and Tolminka

Tolmin lies at the prominence of the rivers Tolminka and Soca. It is the natural centre of the Tolmin landscape. The confluence of Tolminka and Soca is located about 100 metres of the city Tolmin. The confluence is well known meeting place for young people, popular walking point for local people, concert place and many other. In the wooden cottage is a bar, where you can get juice or beer and enjoy in wonderful views to the emerald river Soca. In summer months are here organized famous festivals like Soca Reggae Riversplash, Metal Camp and creative camp Sajeta. They have workrooms, concerts and projecti...

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