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Holiday house Podhamer

Holiday house Podhamer

Prešernova ulica 28
9240 Ljutomer

tel: +386 41 343 656
email: seba.rudolf@gmail.com
www: www.podhamer.si

Holiday house Podhamer in Prlekija is located on the hill near the town called Ljutomer. The highest point of the hill is a perfect starting point for numerous activities.
Tranquillity of the location of the Holiday House Podhamer together with neatly designed interior as well as exterior invites you to visit a wonderful region called Prlekija with rich cultural heritage, history, wine growing hills,delicious food and exquisite wine.
Friendly locals welcome you proudly and openly discuss life of the region in the past. Many important people come from this region where there was the First gathering of Slovenes 150 years ago. Many of these interesting facts can be seen in nearby museums where you can get to know the region better.
Trips, cycling, wine tastings and the taste of local produce, horseback riding, massage, observing nature at dawn or dusk, enjoying the herbs from the garden near the house are just a drop of what we can offer you when you visit our Holiday House. Podhamer is an excellent place for all of these and many more. It fulfills the needs of visitors wanting an authentic touch with unspoilt nature by themselves, in a pair or as a family. It is also suitable for various happenings like friends or business meetings as it is remote and offers discretion, peace and a lot of activities for pleasant and unforgettable gatherings.

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Razkrizje Trail - Razkrizje Trail

Photo: 3492-0

Razkrizje Trail
Razkrizje Trail - Start of the path

Photo: 3492-1

Start of the path
Razkrizje Trail - Direction sign for Razkrizje Trail

Photo: 3492-2

Direction sign for Razkrizje Trail
Razkrizje Trail - Healthy energy point T1 -

Photo: 3492-3

Healthy energy point T1 -
Razkrizje Trail - Pot - Razkrizje Trail

Photo: 3492-4

Pot - Razkrizje Trail
Razkrizje Trail - Energy point T2 - Digestive organs, liver, biliary calculus

Photo: 3492-5

Energy point T2 - Digestive organs, liver, biliary calculus
Razkrizje Trail - Scavnica River

Photo: 3492-6

Scavnica River
Razkrizje Trail - Razkrizje <br> John's Spring

Photo: 3493-0

Razkrizje Trail - Razkrizje <br> Performance Christmas night

Photo: 3493-3


Performance Christmas night
Razkrizje Trail - Razkrizje <br> John's wooden footbridge over the Scavnica River

Photo: 3493-6


John's wooden footbridge over the Scavnica Ri...

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Municipality: LJUTOMER (11329 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Ljutomer (3324 population), Cven (573), Stročja vas (525), Spodnji Kamenščak (406), Moravci v Slov. goricah (362),

Mota (321), Radoslavci (298), Stara Cesta (294), Krapje (292), Podgradje (282), Babinci (271), Drakovci (243), Pristava (236), Cezanjevci (236), Noršinci pri Ljutomeru (210), Mekotnjak (192), Šalinci (188), Globoka (181), Radomerje (180), Branoslavci (173), Slamnjak (167), Precetinci (166), Nunska Graba (151), Kuršinci (150), Vogričevci (147), Radomerščak (144), Bodislavci (141), Desnjak (132), Presika (129), Bučkovci (120), Rinčetova Graba (104), Grlava (102), Mala Nedelja (101), Zgornji Kamenščak (100), Plešivica (99), Gresovščak (98), Ilovci (97), Godemarci (89), Krištanci (68), Cuber (68), Vidanovci (56), Železne Dveri (46), Sitarovci (36), Jeruzalem (31)

Municipality: RAZKRIŽJE (1268 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Veščica (319 population), Razkrižje (270), Šafarsko (257), Gibina (251), Šprinc (130),

Kopriva (41)