Razkrizje Trail - Razkriški kot
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Razkrizje Trail 

Where is Razkrizje Trail?

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Jeruzalem is a wonderful view point, which is located in Prlekija. It borders Prekmurje and Austria on the north and Croatia on the south. Jeruzalem is a place where we can see the following: the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, energy points, a botanical garden, guesthouse Brenholc, the Manor House Jeruzalem, wine shop, Apartments Kuhar and other. The wine road on the Jeruzalem and Ormoz hills has southern starting point in Ormoz and northern in Ljutomer. The Jeruzalem hill is planted with vines, which gives the world famous Jeruzalem wine. In the autumn time they set melodious rattles (klopotec), whic...

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