Rimski Vrelec (Roman Spring) - Rimski vrelec v bližini Kotelj na Koroškem
Carinthia - Savinja RegionRimski Vrelec (Roman Spring)

Rimski Vrelec (Roman Spring)

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Ravne na Koroskem

The city Ravne na Koroskem is located in the agitated country of the lower Meziska valley, squeezed in the wide basin, which is bordered with the rich woods and from the southern side is in the back Urslja mountain. This is the most populated part of the Koroska Region, where is the city Ravne jointed with the neighbourhood Prevalje. Ravne are today the largest Koroska city and they are administrative, economical, educational, sporting and cultural centre of the Meziska valley, but in many things they are exceeded the borders of the Koroska land. The surrounding of the Ravne was settled already in antiq...

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Slovenj Gradec
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Ravne na Koroškem
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Ravne na Koroškem
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