Velenje - Saleska cesta (Salek Road) - Velenje - Šaleška cesta
Carinthia - Savinja RegionVelenje - Saleska cesta (Salek Road)

Velenje - Saleska cesta (Salek Road)

Where is Saleska cesta (Salek Road)?

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Velenje - Velenje Castle

Velenje castle is one of the most preserved castles in Slovenia. It lies in the steep rock under the city of Velenje. It is first mentioned in 1270. Velenje castle is one of the tenth Slovenian castles who existed in the Middle Age in Saleska valley. The castle is a tipical military and residental stronghold. After the centuries they built it and changed it several times. First owners were Kunsper gentlemen followed by their relatives Ptuj gentlemen and the family Liechtenstein. Family Wagen von Wagensberg entirely renovated the construction in the 16th century. The fortress was transformed in a Renaiss...

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