Crni Kal - Church of St. Valentine - Cerkev sv. Valentina
Coastal - Inner CarniolaCrni Kal - Church of St. Valentine

Crni Kal - Church of St. Valentine

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Hrastovlje - Church of the Holy Trinity

Hrastovlje is a village in the Commune Koper. It is located in the northwestern part of the Slovenian Istra under the Karst edge (limestone region). Houses in the village are markedly mediterranean or karstic type with many portals and archs of the limestone. Lots of houses is under memorial protection and because of that the procedures of the renovations are more complicated and they impede the aesthetic development of the place. Hrastovlje is most known by the Romanic Church of the holy trinity from the beginning of the 12 century, which is situated on the rising ground above the village. In the 16 th...

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