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Dobrovo - Klet Brda

The Wine Cellar Goriska Brda is located in the village Dobrovo. It is the largest Slovenian wine cellar, which produces excellent Brda wines. The Wine Cellar had had a large influence to the quality of live and economical development in the Goriska brda. The Wine Cellar Goriska Brda was built in 1957 and is owned by the members of the co-operative. With the renovation of the vineyards has also increased the cellar, which houses 18 million liters of wine now. It is equipped with the most modern technology for the production of grapes. They established the system of quality control throughout the whole pr...


Smartno is one of the most beautiful villages in the centre of Goriska brda. It was built on the remains of the Roman stronghold. In written sources was first mentioned in 1317. The walls with towers were built for defence against Turkish invasions in the first half of the 16th century. Sometimes had had possessions here the Counts of Gorizia, but after death of last one the Goricko Region inherited the Habsburg emperor Maximilian. Smartno is included in the connection of antiturkish camps and villages in Brdo and Primorska Region. As a frontier fortress was a village until the middle of the 18th centur...

Gonjace - Lookout tower

The Lookout Tower is located on the hill Mejnik above the village Gonjace. It is a central point in Goriska brda and the belvedere which in nice weather offers wonderful views to Goriska brda, Furlanija, Carnian and Julian Alps, Trnovo forest, Dolomite, Karst, Trieste bay and Vipava Valley. The Lookout Tower is 23 meters high, has 144 steps and was built in 1961. The plans did the architect Marko Slajmer. Beside the tower is a memorial, which is dedicated to victims of World War II on the right bank of the Soca River. An interesting monument is work of the academical sculptor and painter Janez Boljka. T...

Kojsko - Church of the Holy Cross

Kojsko is an interesting village, which belongs to the Municipality of Brda. The place was until the First World War the economical and cultural centre of the eastern part of Goriska brda. Kojsko is today a region, which is intensively engaged in viniculture. The Gothic Church of the Holy Cross is situated on a hill above the village. The church is part of a former camp, which was built among the Turkish invasion in the 16th century. During the French occupation were destroyed three towers, only one preserved till today, which is now a church tower. To the Gothic church leads the Stations of the Cross...

Krcnik troughs

Krcnik Troughs are located above Kotline under the village Kozbano. The brook Kozbanjcek carved into the limestone very picturesque and interesting beds, which are long about 40 meters, deep to 6 meters and wide from 0,5 to 6 meters. Under the first bed we can see the scenic natural bridge Krcnik, which is smooth and well rouned, because it was created by grinding water. The arch of the natural bridge is about 1 meter wide and 5 meters long. In Slovenia these bridges are only few and they are mostly more edged, because they were made with mouldering of rocks. Krcnik Troughs then continue with a narrow...

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