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Where is Luce?

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Most Beautiful Trips

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Logar Valley

Logar Valley is located in the centre of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. It is considered for one of the moste beautiful glacial valleys in Europe. Logar Valley was created in the last Ice Age. The Logarska dolina Valley was already inhabited in the 13th century, but the road was built only in 1930. Logar Valley is 7 km long and it is divided into three parts, which are lower grassy Log, middle woody Plest and upper part Kot. Above Kot raises the glacial basin Okreselj. The Logarska dolina Walking Trail is a natural and ethnographic trail, which has many information boards. Natural attractions in the Logar Val...

Logar Valley - Rinka Waterfall

The Rinka Waterfall is located in the Logar Valley. From the parking place to the waterfal goes the unassuming trail that takes about 15 minutes. The Savinja River springs from several sources under the Okreselj Basin, after which it flows over a series of small falls and rapids to the cliff-like edge of the Logar Valley. The one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia, Rinka Waterfall, falls over about 100 metre high wall. The wall of the waterfall is made from lime breccia, which gives to slope a typical reddish colour. The Rinka Waterfall is 90 metre high and belongs among one of the highest fre...

Iron water Spring

The iron water spring is located under Olseva. Olseva is a mountain, which is part of the Karavanke range and closes the Solcava area from the north side. The spring is just few meters away from the main road, if we go from the Logar Valley to Podolseva. The road which connects the Logar Valley with Podolseva is because of the wonderful views called the Panoramic Road. The iron water spring was formed by the tectonic shift that separated the Savinja Alps from Karavanke. The water is rich with the carbon dioxide, iron and other. The iron is very important element in the human body. The iron deficiency ca...

Robanov kot Valley

The Solcava district covers the area of Logar Valley, Robanov and Matkov kot Valley, the flatlands of Solcava and the mountain farms under Olseva, above Robanov and Matkov kot Valley. The Solcava district lies on the upper stream of Savinja River and is surrounded with the Karavanke and Savinja Alps. Robanov kot Valley is located between Solcava and Luce. Like the Logar Valley, Robanov kot Valley was also fashioned by glacial action during the last Ice Age. Robanov kot Valley was in 1987 due to its natural beauty, proclaimed a regional park. In order to preserve the valuable natural environment the vall...

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