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Senozece - Snosetsch Manor - Dvorec Snosetsch
Coastal - Inner CarniolaSenozece - Snosetsch Manor

Senozece - Snosetsch Manor

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Skocjan Caves

Skocjan Caves are located in the wonderful Karst in the nearness of Divaca. With the spacious halls and underground gorges they have a special place among caves in Slovenia. Skocjan Caves consist of eleven caves, sinks, natural bridges, sinkholes and many other. They are part of the World Heritage Register by UNESCO from the year 1986 because of its unique cultural and natural heritage. In the cave we can see curtains, large sockets and colorful, big stalagmites different forms. In Skocjan Caves is the main the Velika voda – Reka, which flows booming in rapids, falls in waterfalls and slows in lakes and...

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