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Trieste with neighbourhood

Duino Castle
Sistiana - Harbour of Sistiana

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Duino Castle
Rilke Trail
Sistiana - Beach (west side)
Sistiana - Harbour of Sistiana
Old Duino Castle

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    The Province of Trieste covers the municipalities of Devin Nabrezina, Milje, Dolina, Zgonik and Trieste. With its 212 km2 area, it is the smallest Italian province. That's why it's unique. In a short time you can see the extremely diverse nature, historical monuments, archaeological remains and architectural heritage.
    With a longer stop, the visitor also gets to know the hospitality of the locals and the local cuisine. The landscape is stretched between the sea and the land: in the northwest the cliffs are steeply descending into the sea, they are joined by Mediterranean vegetation with bilberry, myrtle and broom; to the northeast is the Karst region, divided between Slovenia and Italy, which is famous for its above-ground and underground rocky landscapes, typical caves and karst valleys, over which centuries-old oaks, black pines, white and black hornbeam grow. The seashore, with its beaches and small ports, fascinates tourists, as well as the Karst villages, where you can still see some of the typical buildings and visit any of the so called eights, where guests can taste the wines, meats and vegetables in there. In Trieste, the history of both world wars is still very much alive: among others, the landscape is marked by Italian and Austro-Hungarian trenches between Timava and Grmada; smaller Austro-Hungarian cemeteries and the military ossuary of the Italian fallen in Redipula. In addition, you can see a monument to the victims of Bazovica, erected to commemorate TIGR activists, Rizam near Sv. Sobota, the only Italian concentration camp where the holocaust was suffered by Jews, Slovenes, Croats and Italians and Fojba in Bazovica, a state memorial for the dead in the Karst abyss. Monuments throughout the Karst villages preserve the memory of the fighters and victims who fought for their ideals.
    In the past, these places were burdened by a political border that is no longer present. Port, tram, museums and magnificent palaces are just some of the attractions, who are expecting a visitor to the landscape.

    Most Beautiful Trips

    Trieste with neighbourhood - Rilke Trail <br> Trilke Trail

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    Rilke Trail

    Trilke Trail
    Trieste with neighbourhood - Rilke Trail <br> Military emplacement 1

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    Trieste with neighbourhood - Sistiana

    Photo: 51100-0

    Trieste with neighbourhood - Sistiana <br> Harbour of Sistiana

    Photo: 51102-4

    Trieste with neighbourhood - Sistiana <br> Beach (west side)

    Photo: 51103-29

    Trieste with neighbourhood - Duino

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    Trieste with neighbourhood - Duino Castle

    Photo: 51210-1

    Trieste with neighbourhood - Duino Castle <br> Park

    Photo: 51212-6

    Duino Castle


    Trieste with neighbourhood - Duino Castle <br> Bunker

    Photo: 51214-8

    Duino Castle


    Trieste with neighbourhood - Duino Castle <br> Castle

    Photo: 51215-0

    Duino Castle


    Trieste with neighbourhood - Duino Castle <br> Museum

    Photo: 51217-22

    Duino Castle


    Trieste with neighbourhood - Old Duino Castle

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