Ptuj - Dravska ulica (Drava Street) - Ptuj - Dravska ulica
Drava - Mura RegionPtuj - Dravska ulica (Drava Street)

Ptuj - Dravska ulica (Drava Street)

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Ptuj Wine Cellar

The oldest town in Slovenia is for a long time famous by the historical and excellent culinary art and especially by excellent wines. The city already has seven centuries long tradition of producing and cultivation of wines in their cellars. In Ptuj Wine Cellar they have the oldest wine in Slovenia, the golden vine, vintage 1917. The wine cellar is the member of the group Perutnina Ptuj. The new trademark of wines with the name Pullus, the wine with the taste, was introduced to the public in the year 2007. The word pullus comes from the Latin and means the chicken and also the cover. Wine tastes are fou...

Ptuj - Old Town Centre

Ptuj has a beautiful and interesting old town centre. Above the city is proudly raising a Ptuj Castle in which is today a museum. In the old town centre we can see the Minorite Square, Slovenian Square, City Square, Drava Street and other. In Slovenian Square is the St. George Church, Orpheu' s Monument and other. In this part is also the Hotel Mitra, which is famous by thematic furnished rooms in five styles. On the Minorite Square is situated the Minorite Monastery, which was established by Lords of Ptuj. In the City Square we can see the City Hall, monument dedicated to St. Florjan and many other. Th...

Hotel Mitra

Hotel Mitra is named by the Mitra, Persian god of light and good. In the hotel is the history wonderfully united with all the achievements of the contemporaneity. They have 25 rooms (single and double) and 4 suites (with 4 beds). Rooms are furnished in five different styles, which are Secession, Middle Ages, Modern, Roman, Bourgeois style and have modern equipment. In breakfast room they offer self-service breakfast, where you can choose between meet products, cheeses, compotes and many other. Beside the breakfast room are also available the coffee house, three conference salons, Venus wellness salon, O...

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