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Tustanj Castle - Grad Tuštanj
Central SloveniaTustanj Castle

Tustanj Castle 

Tustanj Castle
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Zgornji Tustanj is a small village in the Municipality of Moravce in the central part of Slovenia. Tustanj Castle is located on a hill southwest of Moravce and southeast of the road to Vrhpolje. The castle was built in 1490 and got its present form in the year 1671.
Tustanj Castle offer – attend castle cultural events, organisation of field trips for kindergartens and schools, organise seminars and events in a unique castle ambient, experience an unforgettable wedding (a church and a civil ceremony in a standard wedding dress or in a medieval costume), learn about life within the castle walls on a guided tour. By prior arrangements, groups will be served home made delicacies. Tustanj Castle is among the few amazing castles in Slovenia in which an original collection of porcelain, furniture, land register, documents, tiled stoves and other antiques are kept. The first nobility mentioned is the Lichtenberg family. Tustanj Castle is the only preserved castle from the six castles that once dominated the Moravče Valley. It was home to many noble families for more than 500 years of its exsistence, it has a rich history and many interesting stories to tell. The most famous of all of them is the one about how the castle passed over from the hands of noblemen into the hands of the ordinary Slovenian family of Pirnat, a castle gardener.
Tustanj castle has an arcaded courtyard and four corridors with halls that guard the pearls of the interior furnishings dating from the lifetimes of past nobility. The beautiful castle park preserves a large plane tree and a small pond.


Tustanj Castle - Tustanj Castle

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Tustanj Castle
Tustanj Castle - West tract

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West tract
Tustanj Castle - Entrance

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Tustanj Castle - Portal

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Tustanj Castle - Coat-of-arms above portal

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Coat-of-arms above portal
Tustanj Castle - Information board - Tustanj Castle

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Information board - Tustanj Castle
Tustanj Castle - Tustanj Castle - Working hours

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Tustanj Castle - Working hours
Tustanj Castle - Chapel

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Tustanj Castle - Tree

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Tustanj Castle - South tract

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South tract
Tustanj Castle - South tract with sundial

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South tract with sundial
Tustanj Castle - Sundial on the Tustanj Castle

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Sundial on the Tustanj Castle
Tustanj Castle - Sundail

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Tustanj Castle - Engraved window

Photo: 2440-13

Engraved window
Tustanj Castle - East tract

Photo: 2440-14

East tract
Tustanj Castle - Tustanj Caslte near Moravce

Photo: 2440-15

Tustanj Caslte near Moravce
Tustanj Castle - Beehouse

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Tustanj Castle - Park

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