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Airport Portoroz

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Airport Portoroz is situated in the edge of Secovlje saltpans. It is only six kilometres from the beautiful city Portoroz. Airport Portoroz is one of three Slovenian international airports. The length of the take off – runway is 1200 metres x 30 metres. At the airport they offer the following services: rental services, restaurant, duty free shop, transfer with the mini bus, booking of hotel rooms, flight school, parachute jumping, panoramic flights, business flights, aviotaxi. Airport Portoroz is a modern equipped airport with gas and technical Service. The first beginnings of the airport go to the year 1962, when they started preparing the ground for the sport airport. In the year 1978 was the opening of a rebuilt airport. At that time the airport was registered for panoramic flights. In the year 1980 they got the permission from Federal Commitee for Transport and Communications to use the airport for public transport in the local and international traffic. In the year 1989 they illuminate runways and barriers in the vicinity of the airport. Before the airport Portoroz is a small parking place. You can also see the half length statue of the pilot Josip Krizaj.



Airport Portoroz - Airport Portoroz

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Airport Portoroz
Airport Portoroz - Building of Airport Portorož

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Building of Airport Portorož
Airport Portoroz - Parking place in front of the airport building

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Parking place in front of the airport building
Airport Portoroz - Bust of Josip Krizaj - pilot

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Bust of Josip Krizaj - pilot
Airport Portoroz - Bar inside the building of Airport Portoroz

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Bar inside the building of Airport Portoroz
Airport Portoroz - Outer part of the restaurant on the aerodrome

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Outer part of the restaurant on the aerodrome
Airport Portoroz - Aerodrome Portoroz

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Aerodrome Portoroz
Airport Portoroz - Airplanes near runway

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Airplanes near runway

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Municipality: PIRAN (17643 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Lucija (6057 population), Piran (3804), Portorož (2928), Seča (1231), Parecag (991),

Sečovlje (778), Strunjan (610), Dragonja (430), Sv. Peter (392), Nova vas nad Dragonjo (234), Padna (188)