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Portoroz or Italian Portorose, the port of the roses, is one of the largest tourist destinations in Slovenia. The city lies in the shady position of the Bay of Portoroz. For more than a hundred years, it has been inviting guests from nearby and far places to vacation, treat and recreate.
Tourism has evolved over the years due to mild climate, clean air, seawater and successful treatment with salt mud and brine. Portoroz Auditorium - Portorose is a promotional and convention center established in 1972. At venues in the Auditorium's main building, the Tartini Piran Theater, the annual Amphitheater, and many other locations in the city of Piran and the hinterland, they perform an entertainment, cultural and artistic program throughout the year. In addition, they organize symposia, conferences, corporate presentations, seminars, receptions and celebrations. The Portoroz Auditorium has a Main Hall with about 480 seats and 4 meeting rooms that can seat between 20 and 100 participants. Lobby of the Auditorium or Lobby is a multi-purpose space for accompanying or solo exhibitions, reception for participants and socializing. There are changing rooms between the Main Hall and the passage to the Amphitheater. The Summer Amphitheater Theater has about 1,800 seats and can hold up to 2,300 visitors with stands. It is intended for dance, opera, concerts and multimedia performances. The Tartini Piran Theater is intended for theater performances, concerts, conferences, symposia, recitations, multimedia performances, etc.
It is also suitable for gala dinners, receptions and dance events. It was built in 1910 in neo-Renaissance historicist style. It is defined by both secessionist and historicist features. The halls are equipped with high-quality audio-visual equipment.



Avditorij - Avditorij Portoroz (Portoroz Auditorium)

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Avditorij Portoroz (Portoroz Auditorium)
Avditorij - Amfiteater (Amphitheatre)

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Amfiteater (Amphitheatre)
Avditorij - Tickets shop near entrance in Amfiteater

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Tickets shop near entrance in Amfiteater
Avditorij - View of sits in Amfiteater

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View of sits in Amfiteater
Avditorij - Stage in Amfiteater

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Stage in Amfiteater
Avditorij - Seats in Amfiteater

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Seats in Amfiteater
Avditorij - Seats

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Avditorij - Around amphitheatre

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Around amphitheatre
Avditorij - Road to the Amfiteater

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Road to the Amfiteater
Avditorij - View of the Avditorij in Portoroz

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View of the Avditorij in Portoroz
Avditorij - Entrance in Avditorij Portoroz

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Entrance in Avditorij Portoroz
Avditorij - Avditorij - Glavna dvorana, Bela dvorana, Zelena dvorana, Modra dvorana, Rdeča dvorana, Kavarna ...

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Avditorij - Glavna dvorana, Bela dvorana, Zelena dvorana, Modra dvoran...
Avditorij - Poster for festival

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Poster for festival "Melodije Morja in Sonca" (Melodies of Sea and Sun...
Avditorij - Portoroz Avditorij

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Portoroz Avditorij
Avditorij - Palm trees in front of Portoroz Avditorij

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Palm trees in front of Portoroz Avditorij

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Municipality: PIRAN (17643 population)

Settlements in the municipality:

Lucija (6057 population), Piran (3804), Portorož (2928), Seča (1231), Parecag (991),

Sečovlje (778), Strunjan (610), Dragonja (430), Sv. Peter (392), Nova vas nad Dragonjo (234), Padna (188)